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Hungary held liable for expropriating the investment of a British investor and ordered to pay EUR 7 million in compensation for damages
Magyar and Inicia filed for arbitration against Hungary claiming expropriation of their leasehold rights to the land, following an agricultural sector reform to promote family farms over farming companies.
Hungría torpedea a España en los arbitrajes renovables al aliarse con los fondos en EEUU
Una empresa estatal húngara se persona en los pleitos en Washington como aliada de los demandantes. Quiere mantener la jurisdicción del Banco Mundial frente al Tribunal de la UE.
Hungary appeals Sodexo award with ICSID
Hungary has filed to annul an award of some EUR 73 million, before interest, to French food voucher company Sodexo, granted in an arbitration ruling by the World Bankʼs International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), state news agency MTI reported, citing case information on ICSIDʼs website.
Croatia waiting for ICSID ruling in case brought by Hungary’s MOL
Arbitration proceedings which the Hungarian energy group MOL has launched against Croatia before the ICSID in Washington are still ongoing and a ruling is pending, and Croatia has contested the jurisdiction of the arbitration tribunal.
Arbitration ruling from the ICSID delivered in favor of Sodexo’s benefits and rewards activities in Hungary
Hungarian State has been ordered to pay Sodexo an award of about 73 million euro, before interest.
Szijjártó meets with Belarusian counterpart in Minsk
Hungary and Belarus signed an investment protection agreement.
MOL unexpectedly withdraws lawsuit against Croatia in INA case
Many see the withdrawal of the lawsuit as a tactical move whereby MOL wants to additionally strengthen its position in ongoing arbitration proceedings it launched in Washington in 2013.
Chinese premier’s Hungary visit further enhances bilateral ties, China-CEE cooperation
China is willing to better dovetail the Belt and Road Initiative with Hungarian development strategies, expand bilateral trade and investment scale.
Swiss top court rejects Croatia’s request to annul INA-MOL ruling
Switzerland’s top court has rejected Croatia’s request to annul an arbitral award by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in the INA-MOL case, the government said.
Hungary supports EU-Japan free trade agreement, foreign minister said on visit to Tokyo
Japan has now become Hungary’s leading Asian investor, the Hungarian foreign minister told news agency MTI on the first day of his official visit to Japan.
Croatia seeks annulment of UNCITRAL’s INA-MOL ruling before Swiss court
Croatia has lodged a request with the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland for the annulment of an arbitral award in the case INA-MOL
On failing TTIP, Orbán urges new Hungary-U.S. pact
The Hungarian government is seeking to sign a “new” trade pact with the United States as the planned TTIP “will not happen”
Croatia to appeal UNCITRAL ruling in dispute with MOL over INA
Croatia’s government said it will appeal the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal which dismissed Croatia’s claims against Hungary’s MOL in a case concerning Croatian oil and gas company INA
Croatia to pay 30 million dollars for lost arbitration with MOL?
Unfavourable arbitration ruling means that Croatia will have to cover most of the costs.
MOL v. Republic of Croatia: The ICSID case where investor corruption as a defense strategy of the host state in international investment arbitration might succeed
In the landscape of international investment arbitration the allegations of corruption have become more and more common.
Edenred S.A.: Arbitration ruling from the ICSID delivered in Edenred’s favor in Hungary
The ICSID delivered its decision in Edenred’s arbitration claim against the Hungarian State in the Group’s favor.
Green NGOs welcome the parliamentary resolution on the free trade agreements
Environmentalists urge the government to turn to the European Court of Justice on the issue of the planned Investment Court System.
Engie files arbitration case against Hungary over gas sector policies
The proceedings are based on the Energy Charter Treaty and seek relief for breaches of the principle of investor protection in the gas sector.
Hungary will not back any EU-US trade deal that impairs court authority: PM
Hungary will not support any trade agreement between the United States and the European Union that impairs the jurisdiction of Hungarian courts in trade disputes, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.
Hungarian government, parties divided on EU-USA free trade talks
The outcome of EU-US free trade talks hangs in the balance and the government will only support an accord which serves Hungarian interests, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in a parliamentary debate initiated by the opposition about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)