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Open letter to Věra Jourová: from Safe Harbor to Privacy Shield, words in the wind
The "Privacy Shield", an agreement stemming from an exchange of letters, only contains vague promises.
White House’s claims that the TPP would curb Internet censorship are fantasy
Inside the narrower and closed context of trade agreements, “free flow of information” is used exclusively to tackle the commercial consequences of restrictions on data flows.
Mozilla, EFF, and Creative Commons call for more openness in trade negotiations
Browser maker Mozilla, digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Creative Commons have called for more openness in global trade agreements.
Trade in Services Agreement - EDRi’s position
The greatest concerns regarding TiSA involve the introduction of greater limitations on the government’s right to regulate and the inclusion of potentially harmful provisions for the protection of the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection.
Trade officials sign the TPP but it’s still up to lawmakers to reject it
While trade leaders tout the signature of the agreement today, the TPP continues to attract international criticism.
MEPs support ambitious global trade pact
The Trade in Services Agreement will be important for the exchange of data flows, lawmakers say.
Thanks to TPP, Canada could get caught in global privacy battle
Trade deal coupled with EU court decision could spell trouble for our laws.
Industry meets Nirmala Sitharaman, flags FTAs
Representatives of industry raised concerns about the impact of various free-trade agreements (FTAs) on the country’s trade and sought more clarity on guidelines governing e-commerce in a meeting with commerce and industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday.
EU and US divisions over data protection threaten agreement
Persistent disagreements between the United States and the European Union over the treatment of personal data threaten to undermine international standards.
How the TPP perpetuates the mistakes of the DMCA
The TPP fails to adequately protect rights to freedom of expression and is likely only to perpetuate the unintended consequences that users have suffered under more than 15 years under the broken DMCA.
’Copyright cops’ activated under TPPA
Internet Service Providers will be able to police anyone with Internet connection in an effort to protect copyright holders, after the TPPA comes into effect.
How the TPP will affect you and your digital rights
By excluding a large sector of communities—like security researchers, artists, libraries, and user rights groups—trade negotiators skewed the priorities of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) towards major tech companies and copyright industries.
TiSA: A framework for reregulating the global trade in services?
TiSA is currently being negotiated amongst a group of (mostly rich) countries, rather than amongst all countries.
The TPP state of play: How we defeat the largest trade deal in history
Now that the TPP’s approval and ratification in the United States is on the horizon, here’s what you need to know about what’s going on and what’s to come. This state of play will be useful as we work to defend our digital rights against the largest trade deal in history.
A user-focused commentary on the TPP ISP Safe Harbors
This post offers a comparison of TPP’s IP chapter and the DMCA with a focus on the rights of users and the status of user expression in the TPP’s intermediary safe harbor provisions.
Why TPP is a Canadian digital policy failure
The implications for digital policies such as copyright and privacy should command considerable attention. On those fronts, TPP appears to be a major failure.
The highlights of the Trans-Pacific Partnership e-commerce chapter
The E-commerce chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) sets rules that, if ratified, will shape the development of the digital economy for years to come.
Release of the full TPP text after five years of secrecy confirms threats to users’ rights
Some of the more dangerous threats to the public’s rights to free expression, access to knowledge, and privacy online are contained in the copyright provisions in the Intellectual Property (IP) chapter
What the Internet needs vs. What the TPP demands
Who should make the policies that will determine the future of the Internet? A select list of corporate lobbyists and unelected government officials, meeting without public oversight or involvement?
Why Internet users should be very angry about the TPP
The TPP is about a lot more than dairy and cars – it’s also about our fundamental right to free expression.