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Tokyo in push on trade deals
Japan will push to conclude a basic bilateral trade agreement with Thailand and Malaysia within the next few months, according to a senior trade official, who denied suggestions from a member of his own ministry that talks with those two countries had stalled.
Basic Policy towards further promotion of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
As approved by the Council of Ministers on the Promotion of Economic Partnership on 21 December 2004
Japan, India agree to conclude dialogue involving FTA in 1 yr
Japan and India agreed Thursday to conclude in one year the ongoing dialogue on economic cooperation, which involves the possibility of signing a free trade agreement, Japan’s trade minister Shoichi Nakagawa said.
Agriculture hindering S. Korea-Japan FTA talks: official
Agriculture issues are holding up progress in free trade agreement (FTA) talks between South Korea and Japan, a Korean government official said Monday.
Japan should entertain Swiss offer when planning its FTA strategy
Japan has been lagging behind other industrialized nations in pursuing bilateral or regional agreements. It now needs a strategy as it tries to catch up with the global trend.
Malaysia, Japan one step closer to FTA
Japan and Malaysia on Friday took a step closer to reaching a free trade agreement, clearing a key hurdle related to the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector, government sources said.
Japan adopts FTA policy focusing on partners in Asia
The government on Tuesday approved a basic plan to promote free-trade agreements, prioritizing accords with Asian trading partners to help build an East Asian community. It also adopted a set of 12 criteria to choose potential FTA partners, envisioning future negotiations with trading partners outside East Asia.
Japan panel urges steps to speed free trade accords
Japan needs to work on loosening restrictions in domestic agriculture and labour and to work effectively to more swiftly forge free trade agreements (FTAs), the government’s top advisory panel said on Monday.
Japan proposes FTA talks with South Korea in January
Japan’s Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura proposed Saturday Japan and South Korea hold talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) as early as January next year.
Japan-S. Korea FTA faces stormy ride
Negotiations to conclude a free trade agreement between Japan and South Korea are expected to face tough going because of ongoing disputes in specific areas of bilateral trade.
Japan, RI plan new investment, trade deal
The governments of Japan and Indonesia are mulling a new economic agreement, which would see the latter offering Japanese firms incentives to invest here.
Twelve-country report on FTAs
A report on the status of FTA fever in 12 Asian countries: Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
Asian free trade vogue could heat up
Free trade agreements are flying around East Asia these days, with even India, from South Asia, getting a piece of the action.
Mazda to start selling cars in Mexico; planned FTA helps
Mazda Motor Corp. has set up a new unit in Mexico to start selling vehicles there, taking advantage of the scheduled implementation of a free trade agreement between Japan and Mexico next year.
FTA with Thailand opens can of worms for automakers
The Japanese government has urged Thailand to lift tariffs on car imports as part of its efforts to conclude a free trade agreement. At the same time, Japanese automakers, whose affiliated firms take up most of the Thai auto market, are cautious about the FTA because it could cause fierce competition between the same Japanese car models.
Japan, Philippines FTA shows foreign worker hurdles
Japan and the Philippines on Monday clinched a broad free trade agreement (FTA) that would include letting a trickle of nurses into Japan to help cope with a shortage.
EIU: Free-trade free-for-all
If proof were needed that an Asian free-trade "arms race" has begun in earnest, then the 10th ASEAN summit in Vientiane on November 29th-30th provided it in abundance. The highlight of the summit was the signing of an FTA between China and ASEAN, but equally striking was the number of other trade pacts that were, variously, agreed, worked on or proposed during the meeting in the Lao capital.
Driving a hard bargain: Trade agreements easier said than done
Japan is proving a tough negotiator for countries with their hopes pinned on FTAs.
Japan, Philippines reach FTA accord
Japan and the Philippines reached a basic agreement for a bilateral free-trade agreement after striking a deal on the stickiest issue — steel tariffs.
Japan, Chile to set up joint FTA study board
Japan and Chile are expected to set up a joint study board aimed at concluding a free trade agreement.