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Latin America

The international system that pits foreign investors against indigenous communities
Investor-state dispute settlement allows foreign investors to sue governments for billions. A new report highlights this international legal system harms Indigenous Latin Americans.
To strengthen ties with countries in the Americas and deliver on climate, health, and democracy APEP goals, Pres. Biden should launch all-Americas exit of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) regime
The Investor-State Dispute Settlement regime to date has generated $47 billion in pending corporate demands for taxpayer compensation in claims against the 12 APEP nations’ climate, health, and other public-interest policies.
‘Silent coup’: how capitalism defeated decolonization
The crumbling of European empires after WWII didn’t usher in a new era of democracy—instead, we now live in a regime of international corporate rule.
US politicians push for Latin America to be added to CUSMA
A bipartisan duo of US senators is leading a growing push to open up the continent’s “gold standard” trade agreement to include parts of Latin America in order to build a better bulwark against China’s geopolitical might.
Biden should use the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity to free the hemisphere from ISDS
One of the most controversial aspects of the hyperglobalization era, investor-state dispute settlement elevates multinational corporations and foreign investors to equal status with national governments.
EU, Latin America at odds on Ukraine and Mercosur trade ahead of big summit
European and Latin American countries are miles apart on Ukraine and a Mercosur trade deal. The working text also eliminates references to the proposed signature of a deal between the EU and 79 countries of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States .
Lula says Mercosur eyeing fresh trade deals, increased regional commerce
Brazilian President wants the Mercosur trade bloc to advance in talks for deals with Canada, South Korea and Singapore, while aiming to increase commerce with other countries in Latin America and Asia.
LEAK: EU to prioritise Mercosur deal, establish closer ties with Latin America
The EU will prioritise concluding a long-delayed trade deal with South America’s Mercosur bloc and closer institutional cooperation as it seeks new allies to reduce economic dependencies on China and counter Russia.
APEP in Canada’s step
Canada’s trade agenda heading into the summer is kind of everything everywhere all at once. One newer project keeps coming up in conversations: the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity, or APEP.
Public services in the crosshairs
The impacts of investment protection regimes on the public services sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity is unlikely to expand trade
The APEP seeks to “foster regional economic integration,” but it does not include negotiation objectives on market access to eliminate tariffs, objectives similarly neglected by the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework..
The Biden administration can only achieve its laudable “worker-centered” trade policy for the Americas by fixing the existing US trade deals with most prospective APEP partners and building on solid new foundations
For an APEP to deliver gains for the millions of citizens of American nations suffering from past corporate-rigged trade agreements, talks must fix parts of existing pacts that cause ongoing harm.
EU says ‘fully committed’ to Mercosur deal as region comes into focus
The EU is ‘fully committed’ to moving ahead with the stalling Mercosur free-trade deal with the South American bloc and should do so before “other actors intervene,” EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell said.
Will Biden’s proposed Latin America deal seek to repair past ‘free trade’ failures?
President Joe Biden announced the launch of a new economic proposal called the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity to deepen economic ties in the hemisphere.
USTR announces new declaration on good regulatory practices
Many trade agreements in the Hemisphere, such as the USMCA, MERCOSUR, the Pacific Alliance, as well as other bilateral arrangements, contain provisions on good regulatory practices.
EU-Latin America free trade agreements fuel food crises globally
There is a grave misalignment between how the European Union conducts agricultural policy within and outside its borders. This is particularly evident in its trade relations with Latin America.
Latin American leaders should stand up for people, not corporate profits
As leaders gather in Los Angeles, a reflection on the past two decades of battles against neoliberalism and for a more just and equitable alternative in the Americas.
ISDS landscape in Latin America for 2022
ISDS in Latin America is here to stay. While disputes in sectors such as pensions and telecoms are becoming more common in the region, we expect to see a ripening of COVID-related, tech and energy disputes.
Carlos Vicente: A “man-tree”
GRAIN and are heartbroken to announce the passing of our brother, comrade and colleague, Carlos Vicente.
‘Turkey’s goal in its relations with Latin America is to deepen cooperation’
Turkey and Mercosur need to move economic relations further and sign free trade agreements, said Turkish Foreign Minister.