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Malawi, Mozambique sign trade pacts
Malawi and Mozambique have signed two important trade pacts aimed at unlocking and boosting trade of the two countries. President Lazarus Chakwera, signed the two pacts on behalf of the government of Malawi.
Zim, Malawi revise bilateral trade agreement
Zimbabwe and Malawi are engaged in talks to revise their Bilateral Trade Agreement to ensure its provisions speak to a modern-day investor and assist in addressing pressing development needs of the two countries.
Brazil-Malawi ICFA (2015)
Le Malawi et la Chine signent un accord de libre-échange
Le Malawi et la Chine ont signé un accord de libre-échange qui va porter sur la libre circulation des biens en provenance du pays d’Afrique australe vers la Chine
EPAs future still hanging in limbo
The future of Malawi in signing the Economic Partnership Agreements still stands in limbo due to the current change of government administration in the country.
Malawi maintains ‘no’ stand on EPAs
Industry and Trade Minister Eunice Kazembe on Monday reiterated the need for the European Union to address institutional, infrastructure and capacity factors that have stopped Malawi from taking advantage of previous preferential access to the EU before it can sign the controversial Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
‘Silver lining’ around EPAs
“EPAs are a divide-and-rule tactic being advanced by Europe for selfish interests and Malawi will not sign until all concerns are addressed and I know all these manoeuvres since I was among the pioneers of regional integration,” says President Wa Mutharika.
Ministry clears stand on EPAs
Malawi’s Ministry of Industry and Trade says it did not sign the Economic Partnership Agreement with European Union because it requested for capacity resources before committing to the paper.
Traders strategise on regional platform
Seven Sadc member countries met in Lilongwe on Tuesday to strategise on creating a regional platform for informal cross border traders who would work to ensure that trade integration in southern Africa benefits poor people at regional level.
Malawi: NGO keeping an eye on govt’s new best friend - China
China continues to grow its presence in Africa, having just roped in the small southern African country of Malawi as another one of many trading partners on the continent.
Malawi’s ’free trade’ revolt
If bickering US presidential candidates are wondering why the Iraqi economy is in disarray, why Chavez is popular in much of Latin America and why so many people in the developing world see US-led globalization and free trade as a form of servitude, they might take a careful look at Malawi’s peaceful and successful economic revolution.
Lipenga warns on EPA
Discussions to prepare Africa’s position on Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union (EU) should not be approached as an academic exercise.
Trade: African countries fight EU for survival
Anti-poverty campaigners have likened trade negotiations between the European Union (EU) and several regions in Africa to a boxing match between a schoolboy novice and a heavyweight champion.
Malawi-South Africa agreement "will attract investors"
The Malawian government is optimistic that its new economic and technical cooperation agreement with South Africa will finally draw investors from its mighty neighbour.
EPA may "destroy" Malawi’s manufacturing potential
Economic circles in eastern and southern Africa are abuzz with discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of the economic partnership agreement (EPA) which governments of these countries are negotiating with the European Union (EU).
Much to lose, little to gain: Assessing EPAs from the perspective of Malawi
This Tearfund report critiques the process of EU-ACP EPA negotiations and looks at the potential impacts of an EPA on Malawi.
Textile jobs face threat
Trouble. Government has failed to seal a textile tax-free export extension deal with the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) which now means over 6,000 jobs in the textile industry in the country face uncertain future, Economic Report can reveal.
Bingu’s vision under threat
President Bingu wa Mutharika must have had a brilliant vision for Malawi of shifting its goal posts from being an predominantly importing and consuming country to a predominantly producing and exporting country, when he ascended to the throne in May 2004.
Textile industry face misty future
How time flies! It seems like yesterday when Malawi was celebrating the extension of its free market access to the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) for textiles but now the country only has 25 days before the deal expires.
Malawian farmers union wary of EU trade deal
Farmers in Malawi have warned government to tread carefully before endorsing the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreement, saying signing the deal will put the country’s agricultural products at the risk of not finding the international market.