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Taiwan president seeks to negotiate trade deal with UK
“I very much look forward to Taiwan and the UK being able to commence dialogue on a free trade or bilateral investment agreement," President Tsai said.
EU-UK deal impacts UK’s sovereignty over Northern Ireland and island of Britain
John Bruton, the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland (1994-97) and the former European Union’s Ambassador to the United States (2004-09), writes about how the recently signed EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) impacts the sovereignty of the UK over the island of Britain and Northern Ireland, and also opines that such a deal was perhaps better than a "no-deal" scenario.
How the trade deal Boris Johnson is pursuing threatens workers’ rights
The danger is that the UK Prime Minister is eager to get a deal, so he could accept whatever terms the CPTPP countries demand.
UK to apply to join free trade pact with nations on other side of world
The British government to seek to join 11-nation trans-Pacific partnership, whose nearest member is 3,000 miles away.
British and Turkish unions want to suspend fledgling trade deal over labor concerns
UK government urged to use deal to demand Turkey ‘recognizes and respects’ labor standards.
UK will apply to trans-Pacific trade bloc before publishing economic impact - officials
The move is likely to increase opposition fears that Boris Johnson’s government is using Britain’s exit from the European Union to drive through policy in an opaque way and will rush into trade deals, with unintended consequences.
Next round of UK, Australia trade talks set for February: source
The deal with Australia could be completed as soon as March, Britain’s talks with Australia being likely to conclude before similar negotiations with New Zealand and the United States.
Enhanced trade partnership first step towards UK-India FTA, says UK minister
Plans are expected to be further formalised during the visit of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to India in the coming months.
UK set to wrap up New Zealand trade deal before Easter
The UK is reportedly just weeks away from closing a free trade deal with New Zealand that will see tariffs slashed on wine, gin and cars.
Australia new trade minister says UK, EU trade deals priority
Minister hopes FTAs with UK, EU will be finalised this year.
UK-Africa trade: What will Brexit change?
UK has already inked post-Brexit trade deals with 13 African countries. These new agreements, which offer duty-free and quota-free access to British markets, aren’t much different to the old ones, as they are mainly transferring the conditions in the EU deals into bilateral agreements between the UK and the African nation, or blocs.
Analysis: How rich oil firms are using secretive court to fight capital gains tax in developing world
The battle between ConocoPhillips and Vietnam result could mark a significant shift in the way huge multinationals fight off the threat of taxes from desperate revenue authorities in developing countries.
UK will submit request to join CPTPP trading bloc soon - trade minister
Britain will soon submit its application to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade bloc, trade minister Liz Truss said.
UK free to make trade deals with genocidal regimes after Commons vote
The government has narrowly defeated a move requiring the government to reconsider any trade deal with a country found by the high court to be committing genocide.
UK to start talks with EU on finance cooperation this week
The UK will begin talks with the European Union this week on how regulators will cooperate over financial services now Brexit has been completed.
The UK’s trade deal with Vietnam builds on Hanoi’s accord with the EU
The UKVFTA is based on the terms of the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement and is one of several ‘continuity agreements’ based on existing European Union trade agreements with third countries.
Investment protection in the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement
The EU-UK agreement contains limited protections for investors and no investor-state enforcement mechanism. Its dispute resolution mechanism is limited to a “WTO-like” state-to-state arbitration.
Partnership with a purpose: EU-Africa relations in 2021
The African Union sees the ‘partnership’ process, likely to culminate in a summit in Portugal in May or June, as an opportunity to overhaul the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) .
UK-EU trade agreement: What’s next for financial services?
The EU and the UK committed in the agreement to establishing a Memorandum of Understanding, by March 2021, for establishing a framework for regulatory cooperation on financial services.
Corporate-led trade deals are coming to Britain – and unions have to be ready
The Tories are trying to shut workers out of Britain’s post-Brexit trade deals, writes Unite’s Tony Burke.