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North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The USMCA’s self-destruct button: Review clause conjures fears of 2018 all over again
The so-called "sunset provision" reflects the lingering working-class distrust of globalization in the US that helped Donald Trump get elected president back in 2016.
Canadian and Mexican unions initiate Canadian government trade challenge to stop abuses at Mexican factory
Autoworker unions in Canada and Mexico applaud the launch of a trade complaint by the Canadian government to stop labour abuses at a Mexican auto parts facility owned by global automotive supplier Fränkische.
Pipeline developers demand $20B US payout from Canada after Quebec projects rejected
The liquified natural gas companies behind GNL Québec and Gazoduq are claiming $20 billion US in compensation from the government of Canada for pulling the plug on their natural gas liquefaction terminal and gas pipeline projects in Saguenay, Que.
Canada requests formal talks with Mexico on GMO restrictions
Canada has asked for formal consultations with Mexico over its restrictions on genetically modified agricultural imports under the North American free-trade agreement, Bloomberg News reported.
Goldgroup Mining announces filing of request for arbitration with International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Goldgroup Mining Inc., through its subsidiary, is seeking damages as a result of Mexico’s breaches of NAFTA.
US demands formal talks with Mexico over GMO corn dispute
The consultations are the first formal step toward a US request for a dispute settlement panel under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade (USMCA) that could ultimately lead to retaliatory US tariffs if no resolution is reached.
US ’disappointed’ in Mexico’s new GMO corn decree -ag secretary
The United States is "disappointed" in the Mexican government’s announcement which walked back a deadline to ban genetically modified corn for animal feed and industrial use in the country, but retained its plans to ban the corn for human consumption.
‘Guerrilla policy by a populist government’: Koch Industries still wants payback for Ontario axing cap-and-trade
At a World Bank tribunal, the global conglomerate is challenging Ontario’s right to change environmental policy in a case observers fear will set worrisome international precedent.
In Mexico, US complaints help union organizing efforts
It has been nearly two years since the United States began pressing Mexico over labor rights violations by using rapid dispute resolution methods contained in the USMCA but workers and union organizers are mixed on the results.
NAFTA’s shadow of obstruction
Investor rights in the expired North American Free Trade Agreement continue to undermine democratic decision-making and climate policy in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
US filing another dairy dispute with Canada under USMCA trade deal
The United States is filing another formal dispute over what it considers Canada’s failure to live up to its trade obligations to American dairy farmers and producers.
’Disappointing’ that US pressing ahead with duties on Canadian softwood lumber: Ng
Canada’s international trade minister says the United States appears to be pressing ahead with what she calls "unjustified" duties on softwood lumber imports.
US raises ’grave concerns’ over Mexico’s anti-GMO farm policies
US farm and trade officials raised "grave concerns" over Mexico’s agricultural biotechnology policies in meetings with their Mexican counterparts, as lingering disagreements threaten decades of booming corn trade between the neighbors.
Taylor: US tells Mexico biotech corn restrictions won’t stand
Taylor said the USDA appreciates Mexico’s willingness to negotiate on its looming decree to ban imports of genetically modified corn, but U.S. officials are far from satisfied with the latest compromise offered by Mexican officials.
Canada, Mexico win auto rules trade dispute with US
Canada and Mexico have won their challenge to the US interpretation of content rules for autos under the new North American trade pact, a decision that favors parts makers north and south of the US border.
Three amigos or fair-weather friends?
This week’s North American Leaders’ summit is soured by dubious challenges to Mexican food and energy sovereignty.
No compromise with Mexico on biotech corn ban, Vilsack says
There aren’t any compromises that the Biden administration is willing to make when it comes to Mexico’s effort to curtail its imports of genetically modified corn from the US, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said.
Canada seeks progress in dispute over Mexican energy policies at summit
The United States and Canada entered into dispute settlement talks last year with Mexico under a North American trade deal, known as the USMCA, charging that Mexican energy policies were discriminatory and undermine international firms.
Canada extends copyright protection another 20 years to meet new trade obligation
Change brings Canada into compliance with commitment made under North American free trade deal.
Costa Rica seeks entry to North America trade pact
Costa Rica has told the United States it is interested in joining the North American trade pact between the United States, Mexico and Canada, President Rodrigo Chaves said.