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EU convenes Israel to discuss respect of human rights and ICJ ruling on Rafah
European Union foreign ministers agreed to call for an Association Council with Israel to discuss the country’s compliance with its human rights obligations under the EU-Israel trade deal, also known as the Association Agreement.
Israel to abolish free trade deal with Turkey, impose 100% tariff on imports
The plan, would be submitted to the cabinet for approval, in retaliation for Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to halt exports to Israel.
Belgium will lead re-evaluation of EU-Israel trade accord
Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter says her country will lead a "re-evaluation" of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which forms the basis of trade between the bloc and Israel.
UN expert demands EU suspend trade deal with Israel over Gaza genocide
"Europe is the main trading partner—which accounts I think for 30% of Israel’s trade—so it has a huge power and it should use that power," said UN expert Francesca Albanese.
An urgent call from European trade unions: Suspend the Association Agreement with Israel
We, the undersigned European trade unions, are calling on the EU and European countries to suspend the Association Agreement with Israel as well as bilateral treaties in light of grave violations of human rights by the Israeli Government.
Over 200 European organisations urge immediate suspension of the EU-Israel association agreement amidst Gaza crisis
About 200 European civil society groups, presented a petition to the EU Commission, the EU Council, and the European Parliament, calling for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Open letter: Suspending trade agreements and negotiations in response to the ICJ ruling on Gaza
UK groups call on the UK government to suspend trade privileges, agreements and negotiations with Israel.
Spain and Ireland call for ’urgent review’ of EU-Israel agreement over war in Gaza
Prime ministers Pedro Sánchez and Leo Varadkar have asked the European Commission to "undertake an urgent review" of the EU-Israel agreement in light of the war in Gaza and the worsening humanitarian crisis.
Suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement!
In light of the deaths and suffering endured by the Palestinian people, a number of civil society organisations came together to draft a letter to European Union decision makers seeking the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.
Ireland seeking review of EU-Israel agreement over rights concerns
Ireland is in talks with other EU members who want a review of the EU-Israel Association Agreement on the basis that Israel may be breaching the agreement’s human rights clause.
Gaza war hits India-Israel talks, diverts diamond shipments
Normalcy in the FTA negotiations between Israel and India is expected only after de-escalation of the war.
Canada-Israel free trade agreement bolsters Israel’s West Bank annexation attempts: CJPME report
A new report warns that Canada’s trade policy with Israel operates as if Israel had already annexed the occupied Palestinian territories, bolstering Israel’s attempts to annex the territory.
New code Y864 for goods imported into the EU with preferential origin from Israel as from 16 May 2023
The new code must be declared to benefit from the preferential tariff under the EU-Israel association agreement. Israeli settlements are not eligible.
Canada must cancel its free trade deal with Israel
Commitments to “inclusive” trade are meaningless if they support violations of international law.
Israel signs first Arab free trade agreement with UAE
The deal is Israel’s first big trade accord with an Arab state, after establishing ties in 2020.
UK trade deal with Israel sends a clear message: Apartheid is rewarded
Without conditionality on human rights or a mechanism for accountability, how can an enhanced trading relationship be understood by Israel as anything other than support for its violations and war crimes?
UAE ’directly benefiting’ from illegal Israeli settlement enterprise
The UAE is directly benefitting from illegal Israeli settlements and is in violation of international law according to recently signed bilateral trade agreements between Abu Dhabi and the occupation state.
Trade agreements are colonial tools to control lands, resources and labour, says Canadian activist Stefan Christoff
Interview with Stefan Christoff, media maker, musician and community activist living in Montreal.
Indonesia continues to enhance cooperation with Palestine
Right now, Indonesia is also seeking to sign a preferential trade agreement (PTA) with the Palestinian government in order to help the Palestinian people conduct trade and increase economic cooperation between the two countries.