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RCEP trade ministers to meet next month in Philippines
Trade ministers of 16 RCEP countries, including India and China, will meet next month in Philippines
Duterte’s RCEP push at ASEAN, implications on Philippines economy & development
The more far-reaching implication of RCEP is for Philippines’s sovereignty in regulating foreign investments
India under pressure to ease protection of industry, agriculture at RCEP talks
India under pressure to raise its offer on eliminating tariffs on goods at the next RCEP round in Philippines
Tell us who gains from RCEP: People’s Forum demands as RCEP talks end
“Tell us at least now who gains from RCEP,” People’s Forum challenges the Indian government as the 19th round of RCEP negotiations comes to an end
Philippines eyes free trade agreement with US
The Philippines is looking to take its bilateral relations with the US a notch higher as it eyes to secure a free trade agreement (FTA) with the world’s largest economy.
White House continues its Asia-Pacific outreach
US and Philippines officials met in Manila under their Trade and Investment Framework Agreement to discuss eliminating trade barriers and promoting increased bilateral trade
PH bats for conclusion of 2 major ASEAN FTA deals
The Philippines, which chairs ASEAN this year, is looking at the conclusion of two major free trade deals – ASEAN-Hong Kong and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
The RCEP negotiations: From one round to another to another
Given the internal differences among participating countries, the RCEP certainly does not look anywhere near conclusion this year.
Swiss envoy urges PH to ratify free trade deal with EFTA
Swiss Ambassador Andrea Reichlin has urged the Philippines to ratify the free trade agreement (FTA) with European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in order for the deal to become enforceable.
RCEP talks: Heat on India to scrap import duty on 90 per cent of goods
New Delhi is wary of giving access to China to its market
RCEP’s digital trade negotiations remain shrouded in secrecy
There has also been no official release of the chapters and textual proposals related to rules that are being tabled.
RCEP is undemocratic and anti-development​
IBON Foundation Statement for the Stakeholders’ Meeting of the Trade Negotiating Committee (TNC)18th Round of Negotiations on the RCEP
Reject moves to further weaken investment regulation at RCEP talks – IBON
Research group IBON urged Philippine negotiators to reject proposals that would restrict policy options of the country in regulating foreign trade and investment.
APC members protest during the 18th Round of RCEP negotiations
Philippines groups protest at the 18th round of RCEP negotiations
Reject RCEP and reject unjust trade deals
Trade Justice Pilipinas expresses its opposition to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement or RCEP
Asean Minus X formula to fast-track RCEP–PHL
Philippines has asked fellow RCEP negotiating countries to consider the use of “opt out and reciprocity” flexibilities to speed up the negotiations
MSF response on RCEP negotiations in the Philippines
Negotiators must protect public health safeguards that enable developing countries like India to keep supplying life-saving affordable medicines for millions of people worldwide.
Stop trading workers’ rights over profits
RCEP magnifies existing inequalities and discriminates against women, indigenous peoples, people living with HIV or other illnesses, people with disabilities,rural communities, farmers and workers
RCEP week of action in Manila: May 4-11, 2017
Week of action and resistance
Asia Pacific CSOs get ready for No RCEP week of action with release of video
Civil society groups say no to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership