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Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (ASEAN+6)

Hong Kong’s bid to join RCEP trade bloc receives warm response, chief executive says
A majority of the members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership have responded positively to Hong Kong’s application to join the trade bloc, the city’s Chief Executive said.
Chile’s RCEP application ’fresh sign’ supporting globalization
Chile has officially submitted an application to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
RCEP conditionalities critical for agriculture
The Philippines’ membership in RCEP is conditional on implementing six measures in the agriculture sector. The Senate hearing is an important activity to ensure that these conditionalities are implemented. If not met, the ratification states: “The Senate of the Philippines may recommend to the President the withdrawal of the agreement.”
RCEP members encouraged to harmonize rules
Members of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership can further improve the alignment of operational guidelines across key sectors such as competition policy and trade in services to elevate mutual openness, said trade experts and foreign scholars on Sunday.
Beijing lobbying for Hong Kong to join world’s biggest free-trade pact this year: minister
Hong Kong is expected to join the RCEP this year despite past delays, as Beijing lobbies all member states to speed up the approval process for the city, the local commerce chief has said.
Sri Lanka awaiting RCEP admission mechanism
Sri Lanka has expressed its intent to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by lodging a letter of intent and engaging in discussions with member states in Jakarta. While Sri Lanka’s application is currently awaiting the development of an admission mechanism for new members, the country is actively pursuing membership in the world’s largest trade bloc to expand market access.
India-Oman FTA may be reality soon; legal vetting of deal’s text underway
India is keen to finalise the trade pact before the model code of conduct (MCC) kicks-in ahead of its general elections, making the timing of the finalisation of the proposed deal crucial
Sri Lanka to join Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership – President
President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced Sri Lanka’s upcoming participation in the RCEP, highlighting the benefits of connecting with the European Union’s trade system.
India did well in not joining RCEP
In the two years since it came into force, RCEP has benefited China much more than other member nations.
Indonesia implemented three trade agreements in 2023: Minister
The Indonesian government started implementing three international trade agreements involving the United Arab Emirates, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and South Korea in 2023.
India takes cautionary stance amid Bangladesh-China trade bloc negotiations
India is evaluating the potential consequences before accelerating FTA negotiations with Bangladesh
Sri Lanka eyeing investment only deal with India, RCEP hits roadblock: President
Sri Lanka has started discussions on separate agreements on investment and trade with India and an attempt to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership has been hit by a lack of rules to admit new members.
Bangladesh postpones joining China-led RCEP, other blocs
Bangladesh will not join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), world’s largest regional free-trade bloc led by China, or any other grouping before the forthcoming general election.
Procedures for countries to join RCEP to be ready by 2024
The ASEAN Secretariat said that the preliminary work to allow more countries to join the world’s largest trade deal RCEP was underway, with the procedures for the accession to possibly be ready by next year.
RCEP states already looking to expand trade participation
At a summit on the deal (RCEP) in Indonesia, a review of its implementation is expected to be conducted, with member states agreeing on new measures to intensify intra-deal trade and investment flows.
Go-ahead awaited for Bangladesh’s accession to RCEP bloc
The go-ahead is awaited from the prime minister’s office for Bangladesh’s accession to an emerging economic bloc encompassing the Asia-Pacific region that represents a third of world GDP.
Sri Lanka to join RCEP, signs FTAs with ASEAN countries once debt restructuring completed
Sri Lanka will join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and enter Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries after debt restructuring is complete.
India seems unlikely to return to RCEP due to China
Original negotiating member India is still unlikely to return to the world’s largest trade deal Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as it fears it still cannot compete with an influx of Chinese imports, according to a former World Bank executive.
Bangladesh explores to join RCEP eyeing trade in Indo-Pacific region
India’s eastern neighbour Bangladesh is exploring to join Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) , eyeing to be part of the trade bloc in the Indo-Pacific region.
Sri Lanka seeks entry into RCEP trade deal
Sri Lanka has launched a fact-finding mission to explore avenues for an early entry into the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership free trade agreement, a statement from the foreign ministry said .