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rules of origin

Preferential treatment provided for in a free trade agreement is usually granted only to products originating from members of that FTA, so rules of origin are important. These are the criteria which determine the national origin of a product. The country of origin of a product is usually seen as the country where the last substantial transformation took place.

Enforcing and defining rules of origin for goods or services poses major problems. This issue has been very controversial in a number of agreements and trade unions and other critics have campaigned to highlight the ways in which rules of origin can be used and abused by governments and corporations alike. In particular there are concerns about the ease with which goods processed partly or fully in a third country can receive duty-free access under a bilateral agreement by being re-exported with just enough processing to satisfy rules of origin requirements. This is further complicated by the fact that different bilateral free trade agreements use different criteria to set rules of origin.

Array of trade pacts a cause for concern: India Inc
With instances of more than one trade pact being inked with a single country under the Government’s bilateral and regional trade agreements policy, Indian industry is apprehending confusion in import clearances arising from multiplicity of `rules of origin’ norms and `negative lists’ applicable on imports from the same country under the numerous agreements signed with it.
CII: level playing field for domestic industry
Concerned at the spate of Free Trade Agreements being signed by Government, CII on Sunday demanded a comprehensive strategy to ensure a level playing field for the domestic industry including small and medium enterprises.
US investors seek to secure the level of rights enjoyed in their own country
The USTR clearly stated in a negotiation report submitted to the US Congress that American investors should be able to enjoy the same rights in Korea as the ones that they enjoy in the US according to legal principles and practices.
North Korean-made sneakers may trip $29 billion US trade pact
North Korean workers stitching Made in Korea labels on $150 sneakers may hold the key to a $29 billion free-trade agreement between the US and South Korea, the biggest US accord in a decade.
TNC fails to finalize free trade accord
The seven BIMSTEC member countries failed to agree on rules of origin criteria and other outstanding issues, which left text of FTA accord on trade in goods undecided in Bangkok this week.
Bimstec FTA needs to cross one more river
The proposed India-Bimstec (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan) free trade agreement to be implemented from July 1 2006 has to cross one last hurdle.
BIMSTEC finalizes dispute resolution rules
Trade Negotiation Committee has finalized rules for settling disputes in BIMSTEC free trade agreement. It has, however, failed to converge on the percentage of value addition for rules of origin.
Nepal’s preparation still lackluster for fruitful SAFTA
Both government and private sector are showing lackluster preparation for implementing the South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA), even as the date is approaching for the formal enforcement of the agreement in Nepal.
Kenya, Sudan solve dispute
Kenya and Sudan have sorted out differences over the compliance of Comesa rules of origin.
Japanese demand better standards
Japanese fruit producers and exporters have called for their Thai counterparts to upgrade sanitary and food safety standards if they want to succeed in promoting Thai fruit consumption in Japan.
India may ink preferential trade pact with Mauritius
India and Mauritius are likely to enter into a Preferential Trading Agreement before going for a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA).
SAARC committee of experts to meet on FTA issue
The Committee of Experts of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) have decided to meet for yet another round and forward the outstanding issues of South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA) to political level for final decision, a Nepali government official said Wednesday.
Crucial FTA talks resume in Tokyo
The free trade talks between Thailand and Japan are approaching a crucial step, with officials preparing to address the origin of products, the last and thorniest issue on the agenda.
BIMSTEC trade experts to settle FTA issues in July 2006
Trade experts of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) are working on settling various issues pertaining to trade and investment in a bid to start a journey towards free trade area (FTA) among member countries from July 2006.
Deadlock on FTA with Thailand
The high-level negotiating team from Thailand that visited New Delhi recently was unable to break the impasse on the India-Thailand free trade agreement.
Somkid: FTA with Japan hinges on rule changes for farm goods
Commerce Minister Somkid Jatusripitak - under pressure from local businesses - yesterday assured them that the government would not sign a free-trade pact with Japan unless it is satisfied with terms concerning rules of origin for farm goods.
FTA fine print remains a big hurdle
Bilateral free-trade agreements typically revolve around discussions of quotas and tariffs and the principle of market access for traders. But an even more crucial component is rules of origin. In the end, an agreement without clear, practical and fair rules is nothing but a can of food with no opener _ you know the food is in there, you just can’t eat it.
Committee agrees on FTA elements
In a meeting held recently at the Ministry of Finance and Industry (MoFI) in Dubai, the Rules of Origin National Committee agreed upon various elements including the official forms that will be adopted in the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that are currently under negotiation between the UAE and other countries.
’Govt must not relent on Rules of Origin’
The government must not relent under any pressure from ASEAN countries to dilute the Rules of Origin that India has framed before signing the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement with Singapore, the Indian Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry has said.
Trade pact with Thai hits a fresh bump
India’s proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with Thailand has hit a fresh roadblock with the latter insisting on the use of just the value-added criteria for determining rules of origin (ROO) instead of the twin criteria adopted under the early harvest scheme (EHS) presently under implementation.