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Trade Accord Boosts Latin America Ties
While acrimony persists over trade talks with the European Union (EU), the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) has had a breakthrough with bilateral negotiations with the Latin American trade bloc Mercosur.
Mercosur signs trade deals with SACU, Turkey, Jordan
Leaders of the South American trade bloc Mercosur meeting at a summit in Argentina have signed trade agreements with the Southern African Customs Union, as well as with Turkey and Jordan.
Sacu, EU to sign interim economic partnership agreement next week
The Southern African Customs Union plans to sign an interim economic partnership agreement with the European Union next week. At the end of 2007, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland had all decided to initiate an Interim EPA with the EU, but South Africa had decided against. The union on Friday said all five of its members were now working together, and that the union intended to sign an interim EPA with the EU by July 1.
Secretariat powers SACU to new heights
The executive secretary of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Tswelelopele Moremi has said the organisation has achieved a lot since the establishment of its secretariat.
Ministers of customs union meet in Botswana this week
Trade and finance ministers of the five-nation Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) will meet in Botswana tomorrow to discuss deeper regional integration and challenges like the pending trade agreement with the European Union.
India exploring PTA with five African countries
India is working on signing a Preferential Trade agreement (PTA) with South Africa Customs Union (SACU), a regional sub-group of African nations comprising South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.
Crunch week for world’s oldest customs union
Sacu trade ministers meet in Gaborone with European Commission trade head Peter Mandelson tomorrow in a bid to break a stalemate over the economic partnership agreement the region is negotiating with the European Union. Mooted as an opportunity to harmonise the region’s trade arrangements with its biggest trading partner and deepen regional integration, the EPA has achieved the opposite. It has divided the region and is threatening to split it permanently.
SA-EU Trade Row Puts Customs Union At Risk
The future of the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) hangs in the balance, even as engagement takes place at the highest political level to save the world’s oldest customs union from collapsing.
Korea mulls FTA with Southern African countries
Korea is considering a free trade pact with the the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) to expand cooperative ties with resource-rich countries
India to start FTA talks with Brazil, S Africa this week
Bilateral trade agreement with Asean and European Union are passe. The stage is set for the first trans-continental treaty with India, South Africa and Mercosur — comprising Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay — launching negotiations on a preferential trade agreement later this week.India will also start technical negotiations on Saturday for a PTA with the Southern African Customs Union, which consists of South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.
Tanzania will rue the cost of starting with SADC
With the partner states of the East African Community having agreed to negotiate an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with Europe under one roof, Tanzania may be forced to count the cost of forgoing a relatively successful regional grouping in East Africa against political solidarity with Southern Africa’s regional power base — South Africa.
Guiding ourselves by the African stars
What does the “grand debate” about a United States of Africa have to do with the fate of SA’s provinces?
Africa ‘must rationalise on trade blocs’
SA and the rest of southern Africa needed to rationalise trade blocs to allow for stronger and larger regional economic communities, said Finance Minister Trevor Manuel yesterday.
Development Through Trade
Indian interest in the South African economy is growing apace. Planned investments by Indian companies in SA over the coming years reportedly add up to billions of rands.
India, Mercosur, SACU agreement to enhance trade
Government today said a trilateral agreement with trade bloc Mercosur and South Africa Customs Union (SACU) is under consideration to widen the scope of South-South Cooperation.
US trade agreements with Sub-Saharan African countries
The United States currently has no FTAs with countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The Bush Administration is pursuing alternative means of strengthening its trade and investment relationships with key African partners, including trade and investment framework agreements (TIFAs), bilateral investment treaties (BITs), and a proposed trade and investment cooperation agreement (TICA).
Calls for removal of regional trade barriers
Civil society organisations and the business community in southern Africa have called for review of trade policies in order to deepen regional integration.
Textile jobs face threat
Trouble. Government has failed to seal a textile tax-free export extension deal with the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) which now means over 6,000 jobs in the textile industry in the country face uncertain future, Economic Report can reveal.
Southern Africa: Free trade area between SACU and EU
Namibia’s Minister of Trade and Industry has been instructed by Cabinet to table a trade agreement between southern Africa and the European Union in the National Assembly for ratification.
Textile industry face misty future
How time flies! It seems like yesterday when Malawi was celebrating the extension of its free market access to the Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) for textiles but now the country only has 25 days before the deal expires.