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South Africa

Italian lawsuit against SA government reinforces historical injustice
Finstone Ltd SA, a foreign mining company based in Luxembourg, is suing the South African government for an alleged expropriation of its mineral rights. Finstone is a holding company in control of three South African granite producing operations i.e. Marlin, Red Graniti and Kelgran. The real challenge posed by this legal action is that the abovementioned investors find the black economic empowerment programme is in violation of the bilateral treaties signed with South Africa by both Luxembourg and Italy.
The EU welcomes South Africa in the SADC EPA negotiation
The EU Council of Ministers has decided to include South Africa in the SADC EPA negotiation.
South Africa: Govt faces first expropriation suit
A foreign mining company is suing the South African government over alleged expropriation of its mineral rights in a move that has huge implications for the country’s new mining dispensation.
Namibia: Beef deadline looms
The deadline is looming for the day when the preferential treatment that Namibia has enjoyed for its beef, lamb and table grape exports to the European Union ends on January 1 2008.
SA, EU hope to finalise partnership action plan during German presidency
Despite the unpopularity of the single-country partnership proposal, it is being pursued primarily based on Europe’s analysis of South Africa as the “locomotive” of Africa economic development and integration.
FTA with S. Africa expected to boost exports: think tank
South Korea could see its exports to South Africa soar over 30 percent if it signs a free trade agreement (FTA) with the country, a state-run think tank said Monday.
SA fends off EU deals for SACU partners
South Africa is resisting European Union (EU) efforts to treat it differently from its southern African neighbours — a move which could result in the country getting less market access for its exports.
Sacu-US to pursue scaled-back trade talks after FTA process ceases
The South African Customs Unions (Sacu) has formally accepted an offer made by the US government to progress a so-called trade and investment cooperation agreement (Tica), following the breakdown of the more ambitious free-trade agreement (FTA) talks earlier in the year.
US all-or-nothing position derails free trade talks
Negotiations towards a free trade agreement with the US have "all but come to a halt", according to Tshediso Matona, the director-general of South Africa’s department of trade and industry.
SA, EU Consolidate Cooperation
The European Union (EU) and South Africa have agreed to start negotiations for a comprehensive update and revision of the Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA).
Africa: Arbitration nation
A number of African governments have made efforts to encourage investment in the continent by entering into bilateral investment treaties and adopting arbitration legislation.
Kiwi economist points to free trade option for South Africa
A former chief economist in New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says South Africa should consider joining a Free Trade Agreement that exists between Singapore, New Zealand, Chile and Brunei (P4).
Trade triangle
The two-day visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is being projected as a decisive step in the consolidation of relations between three important countries of the South - India, Brazil and South Africa.
IBSA business leaders debate ways to deepen relations
Indian, Brazilian, and South African business leaders have identified key issues that have to be addressed to allow the more rapid development of broader and deeper economic relations between the three countries.
IBSA experiment will benefit all the members, says Singh
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yesterday spoke strongly in favour of the newly emerging trilateral co-operation between India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA), saying all three countries stand to benefit from it in working for their energy security, creating synergies in trade and technology and in enhanced transport connectivity.
Time for IBSA to shine in world trade, says Mbeki
President Thabo Mbeki says IBSA’s (India-Brazil-South Africa’s) time has arrived to make a mark on world trade. He was addressing the IBSA summit in Brazil and called on developing nations to form strong partnerships and strategic alliances in the wake of the recent collapse of the Doha round of trade talks.
Fiction and fact: an IBSA pact
IBSA will be a powerful bloc in south-south cooperation with echoes of ‘non-alignment’ in earlier times but from the economic point of view, IBSA is a little fictitious” was Union minister of state for commerce Jairam Ramesh’s reported take on this regional formation that includes India-Brazil-South Africa just ahead of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Brazil and Cuba to attend an IBSA and NAM summit.
South Africa: Trade Beat
After a lull in the first half of the year, there appears to be movement on various fronts of SA’s trade agenda.
A common thread of cynicism
After numerous stakeholder inquiries and intense media commentary, government has finally revealed how it intends to effect the textile and clothing agreement concluded with China in June.
Mugabe delays signing investor law
The future of South African investment in mining and precious metals still hangs in the balance as Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has delayed signing laws that will protect the business interests of investors.