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Pak-US trade and investment framework agreement has yet to get off the ground
Back in June 2003, then Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz, who had signed the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement on Pakistan’s behalf, said that Pakistan hoped the TIFA would eventually lead to a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries. But neither at that time nor in all the years since then has there been any promise from the US side to follow-up on a Free Trade Agreement.
US-EAC TIFA (2008)
US agrees to expand trade and investment with Sri Lanka
The US-Sri Lanka TIFA Council discussed issues affecting US exports, such as Sri Lanka’s agricultural biotechnology policies, import tariffs, intellectual property rights protection, and transparency in government procurement.
Emirates persists on US trade agreement
The UAE has taken a second route to an FTA with the US after failing to meet the time frame originally established by the Trade Promotion Authority granted by Congress: the Tifa-Plus (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement) process, which provides a framework for further discussions on the FTA and on short-term issues.
Talks focus on copyright laws
Government officials in Kuwait expressed their keenness over signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the United States but a senior US economic representative recently noted that talks with regards to the issue are ongoing.
US cool to RP’s proposal for free trade agreement
The United States remains lukewarm to the Philippines’ push for a free trade agreement. While the US is seeking Philippine support in the WTO talks, the Philippines is asking the US government to move forward on an FTA or at least craft a new trade and investment framework agreement.
US-Taiwan TIFA (1994)
Libya sweetens trade, investment ties with US
Morphing over the past several years from international pariah to developing, open-market economy, Libya is now actively cultivating trade and investment links with the US.
Kuwait, US ’strong’ economic partners
Kuwait and the US are now at the phase where they are "trying to understand and see whether there is an opportunity to move forward" from a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement to a bilateral investment treaty or free trade agreement, according to a US Treasury Department official.
Uruguay union staves off US pillage
Feet firmly planted, Juan Castillo, coordinator of Uruguay’s PIT-CNT central union plugged his nose at the visit of US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez here Monday.
Vietnam: Scores of billion dollar US deals in the pipeline
Many heavy-hitting US companies are set to capitalise on the groundwork set by the US-Vietnam bilateral trade agreement.
Kuwait, US experts hold trade talks
US-Kuwaiti trade talks kicked off yesterday at the experts level tackling a number of economic issues within the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) signed between the two countries in February 2004.
US and Indonesia announce steps to deepen trade and investment relations
United States Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab and Indonesia’s Minister of Trade Mari Pangestu today agreed to formally establish working groups intended to deepen US-Indonesia economic relations in four key areas: intellectual property rights, agricultural and industrial goods, services and investment.
US holds talks with Philippines, Brunei to improve market access
The United States held separate talks with the Philippines and Brunei this week on steps to enhance market access for a range of products. The talks were held under the bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreements (TIFA) between the United States and the two Southeast Asian nations.
AIT chief urges Taiwan to focus trade talks on TIFA
Taiwan should focus more on a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) rather than on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in the upcoming trade talks with the U.S., Stephen M. Young, director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), told a press conference yesterday.
Uruguay/US trade and investment talks in Washington
Uruguay and United States resumed on Thursday trade and investment talks in Washington with the purpose of increasing bilateral exchanges.
US eyes Vietnam trade accord
The Bush administration yesterday announced the beginning of trade talks with Vietnam that could lead to a free-trade agreement with the former US enemy.
Bangladesh likely to sign TIFA with US: Report
Bangladesh is likely sign the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) with the United States, agreeing to Washington’s insistence of including "corruption" issue in the text.
United States and Liberia sign Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
US Trade Representative Susan C Schwab and the Liberian Minister of Commerce, Industry, & Trade Olubanke King-Akerele signed a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) yesterday that will provide a forum to address trade issues and will help build trade and investment relations between the United States and Liberia.