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Taiwan calls on Britain to support its bid for Pacific trade pact
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called on Britain to support its bid to join a major pan-Pacific free trade pact which London has also applied to enter.
Why Britain joining the CPTPP is clearly not about the economy
‘Global Britain’ needs new friends and trading partners as the economic harm from Brexit becomes clear.
UK and Canada ‘break impasse’ on Indo-Pacific trade pact
Britain’s trade chief Kemi Badenoch and her Canadian counterpart Mary Ng settled differences in a move that bodes well for the UK’s post-Brexit hopes of joining a key Indo-Pacific trade bloc.
UK-Canada trade chiefs to meet after ‘sour’ Indo-Pacific talks
Along with Mexico, Canada is pushing for the UK to offer the same market access it granted on agriculture as it did in pacts with Australia and New Zealand.
Batters tells NFU conference to call for action on food supply
She raised concerns on the cumulative impact of the trade deals with New Zealand and Australia, as well as on the current negotiations with Canada and Mexico, both members of CPTPP which the UK is hoping to join this year.
CPTPP members discuss UK’s accession
Ministers and officials from members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership and the UK on attended an online ministerial meeting to discuss the negotiations of the UK’s accession to the deal.
UK trade minister visits Mexico, targeting new deals
Britain’s trade minister begins a two-day visit to Mexico, targeting a bilateral trade deal as well as Britain’s accession to a Pacific trading association.
Lula urges EU-South America regional trade deal before China talks
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva called for the South American trade bloc Mercosur to urgently seal a free trade agreement with the European Union before negotiating with China.
US to aggressively push for digital trade rules in Asia in 2023
The goal is to quickly create shared rules for the region, particularly in the digital sector, and to regain the initiative in the US-China contest for economic leadership in Asia.
New Zealand’s objectives for CPTPP
Powerful Asia-Pacific trade ministers are set to converge on Auckland at Matariki weekend for a meeting which host chair Damien O’Connor hopes will turn heads in protectionist-leaning Washington DC and Brussels.
Memorandum submitted by Forum Kedaulatan Makanan Malaysia (Malaysia Food Sovereignty Forum) regarding the CPTPP
We who signed this memorandum would like to express concern about Malaysia’s participation in and ratification of the CPTPP which will have a large negative impact on farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen as well as on the food security and sovereignty of Malaysians in the future.
Why the CPTPP should not have been ratified
Malaysia need to emphasise the high legal costs of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), even when governments win.
Chile becomes 10th nation to ratify TPP
The Chilean government informed New Zealand, the depository for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, that it has completed ratification procedures for the free trade pact.
Uruguay’s free-trade deal ambitions rattle South American trade bloc
South America’s major Mercosur trade bloc, which includes regional powerhouses Brazil and Argentina, has been rattled by one of its smaller members, Uruguay, seeking to strike its own free-trade deals, leaders said.
How Asean can bridge US-China gap and reap economic benefits amid potential flashpoints
A ‘non-aligned’ foreign policy is key, as is Asean’s preference for dialogue and cooperation over the intense rivalry of the great powers.
Uruguay applies to join CPTPP in bid for Asian export boost
Uruguay has applied for membership in the 11-nation Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, in the South American country’s latest bid to do more trade with Asia.
Groups urge PM to backtrack on CPTPP deal
With just one day to go before Malaysia’s entry into the CPTPP is enforced, the Coalition of National Sovereignty urges Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to withdraw from the ratified agreement.
The US-driven Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) for Prosperity: TPPA in drag or a vacuous vanity project?
When the US launches a high level and concerted re-branding exercise, something big is happening. The latest target is the “Asia-Pacific” region, now to be known as the “Indo-Pacific”.
New Zealand, the ‘Saudi Arabia of milk,’ pushes Canada to live up to trade obligation
New Zealand’s Agriculture Minister has formally requested a binding dispute-settlement panel to resolve the dairy tiff with Canada under the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Taiwan aims for British trade deal as minister meets president
Taiwan hopes to sign a trade deal with the UK, and that Britain will support Taiwan’s membership of the trade group, President Tsai said.