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Turkey eyes Mercosur trade talks this year - Kayalar
Turkey aims to start negotiations this year over a free-trade agreement with Mercosur, the South American trade bloc, Turkish Foreign Trade Undersecretary Tuncer Kayalar says
Free trade between Turkey and Albania
The agreement which establishes a free trade zone between Turkey and Albania, will come into force on May 1st.
Tüzmen to Indian businessmen: Urge your gov’t to sign FTA
Foreign Trade Minister Kürsad Tüzmen has called on Indian businessmen to urge the Indian government to sign a free trade agreement between the two countries.
Turkey offers FTA with India
Turkey has offered to have a free trade agreement (FTA) with India and wants to boost its exports of food products, textiles, plastics, chemicals, machinery and construction materials.
Turkey will negotiate a free-trade agreement with Arab Gulf states in 2 years
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Wednesday his country planned to sign a free-trade agreement with Arab Gulf countries after two years of negotiations with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. «We are keen on buying Qatar’s gas,» Gul told reporters.
Free trade agreement to be signed between Turkey and Georgia on Wednesday
A free trade agreement will be signed between Georgia and Turkey on Wednesday.
Deliberations continuing with EU, Canada, Turkey on free trade, QIZs - Jordan
Several agreements are in the pipeline to accelerate Jordan’s free trade drive and maximise the advantages of Qualified Industrial Zones (QIZs), Industry and Trade Minister Salem Khazaaleh said on Saturday.
New $19B arbitration case threat to Turkish government from Dutch company on Telsim sale
Dutch investment company Saba Fakes, who claim to hold the biggest part of shares of Turkey’s second big GSM operator Telsim, is preparing to file an arbitration case at International Arbitration amounting to 19 billion dollars in reparations.
Turkey to initiate free trade accords with Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro
The Foreign Trade Undersecretariat will initiate free trade agreement (FTA) talks with four countries in the first half of 2007: Georgia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia.
New markets for Turkish businessmen
Turkey’s Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade will begin Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks with four countries in the first half of this year in order to find new markets for Turkish businessmen and to extend current ones.
Turkey-Syria free trade agreement
The content of the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed between Turkey and Syria in 2004, was published in Monday’s Official Gazette.
Competition provisions in Regional Trade Agreements
Papers from a Yeditepe University conference on competition policy and regional trade agreements.
Jordan, Turkey conclude fourth round of talks on free trade agreement
Jordan and Turkey on Wednesday concluded the fourth round of talks on free trade agreement.
Free trade talks between GCC and Turkey to begin this year
Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks between the GCC and Turkey will start this year, according to a senior Turkish government official.
RI envisions free trade among D-8 member countries
After breaking the ice by launching the preferential trade agreement among Developing Eight (D-8) countries, Indonesian Trade Minister Mari E. Pangestu envisions that the agreement would lead to a free trade arrangement for member countries in less than 15 years.
Turkey: FTA with Tunisia & Morocco vital for textile sector
Currently, Turkey has inked Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with 19 countries and now, the formation of Mediterranean Basin Free Trade Area, is being added which will improve economic and commercial transactions between the Mediterranean countries.
Morocco textile industry adapting to free trade
Morocco hopes to create as many textile industry jobs as it loses over a two-year period, the kingdom’s trade minister said.
Dhaka-Ankara bilateral ties
The Prime Minister of Turkey not only hosted the Bangladesh leader but also highlighted the need for augmenting bilateral relations in different fields, including trade and investment.