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United Arab Emirates

Crashing the third party
What do the Council on Foreign Relations, American Enterprise Institute, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Brookings Institution, and the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies have in common?
Central Bank discusses US FTA negotiation strategy - UAE
Though the negotiations for a free trade agreement (FTA) between the UAE and the United States will take place from March 8, the banking and financial sectors has told the Central Bank of the UAE about its desire for more liberalisation.
UAE-US FTA talks slated in capital
The free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation council aims to properly oversee ongoing preparation for the first round of official UAE-US FTA negotiations, due to take place in Abu Dhabi next month, said Dr. Mohammed Khalfan bin Kharbash, UAE Minister of State for Financial and Industrial Affairs.
UAE is analysing impact of free trade agreement
The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Finance and Industry has contracted an international consultancy firm, Maxwell Stamp, to undertake an impact analysis of the effects a US-UAE Free Trade Agreement (FTA) on the local economy.
UAE, Oman must make new move for FTA, says US
The United Arab Emirates and Oman must make new efforts to qualify for proposed free trade pacts with the United States, a US official said on Friday in response to objections raised by labour groups.
US announces intent to negotiate FTAs with UAE and Oman
US Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick today announced the Administration’s intent to negotiate Free Trade Agreements with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman.
’Change in labour law must for UAE-US FTA’
UAE will have to change its labour code to meet international labour laws, revise the agency law and investment / sponsorship rules in order to sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US, according to US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick.
UAE, US move towards FTA
The United Arab Emirates and US made significant progress towards a Free Trade Agreement on Wednesday, paving the way for negotiations to start in the near future.
UAE upbeat on trade pact with US
The UAE is ready to enter negotiations with the United States for a full-fledged free trade agreement that would dramatically boost trade and the flow of investment between both countries.
Kharbash calls for a Free Trade Agreement with US to boost business relationships
H.E. Dr. Mohammed Khalfan bin Kharbash, UAE Minister of Finance and Industry today called for a fully-fledged Free Trade Agreement between the UAE and the United States of America.
Can trade be a lever for reforms in the Middle East?
Testimony by David L. Mack in Hearings of the US Senate Finance Committee, published by the Daily Star, Beirut, Lebanon, in a two-part series on 27-28 May 2004