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United Arab Emirates

Some hope for US-UAE trade deal
A free trade deal between the US and the UAE is still possible, even though talks fell off track last year, a US business leader said.
UAE and Egypt aim to increase trade
"We do not need a free trade agreement with the UAE as there is already the Pan-Arab Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA), which we will implement," Prime Minister Dr Nadeef said. PAFTA is an agreement to establish a pan-Arab free trade area by 2008.
Dubai Chamber says Jordan is a potential market for UAE
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) said that Jordan is a potential market for the UAE, and the UAE could win a good chunk of Saudi Arabia’s trade with Jordan.
US: No plans to begin new trade talks
The United States has no plans to begin new bilateral free trade negotiations with other nations, and will focus on successfully concluding the four it is actively pursuing, Washington’s top trade envoy said Friday.
UAE and Japan to boost trade ties
The UAE and Japan yesterday agreed to foster their existing trade and economic relations by starting discussions on Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty to create an enabling environment for bilateral investments.
Australia to consider free trade talks
Australia will consider negotiating a free trade agreement with several Middle Eastern countries, Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile said Wednesday.
Gulf trade talks may widen
THE Government will look at expanding its free trade negotiations with the United Arab Emirates to take in a deal with a much wider group of Middle Eastern nations. The member states of the Gulf Co-operation Council - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE - have asked Australia to incorporate the bilateral negotiations into a wider deal.
No political price for FTA, says UAE
The UAE is not willing to make any political concessions to secure a free trade agreement with the US, Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum told Asharq Al Awsat newspaper yesterday.
UAE to resist US pressure to open telecoms sector: minister
The United Arab Emirates will resist pressure in free trade talks with the United States to open its telecommunications sector to foreign investors.
No date set for next round of UAE-US free trade talks
The fifth round of free trade negotiations between the UAE and the United States ended in Abu Dhabi yesterday without agreement. The closely guarded negotiations, held amid a virtual media blackout, centred around two core issues: investment and labour laws.
UAE, US to resume FTA talks next month
The UAE and the United States will resume their Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks in Abu Dhabi on May 9, it was revealed here yesterday.
UAE-US free trade to be signed before year-end
The US free trade agreement with the UAE might take unspecified time to sign, but the US hopes to ink the deal before the end of this year, although nothing is clear as yet, according to a senior official from the US Embassy in Dubai.
Accidental advertising
The combined effects of the ongoing Dubai Ports World furore over the sale of six major US ports that sparked a catalytic delay in Free Trade Agreement talks between the US and the United Arab Emirates, could provide a significant economic boost to not only the UAE, but also to the Middle East, experts have suggested.
US ports deal: A bitter aftertaste
As a consequence of the furore by the US congress over DP World’s acquisition of several American ports, the Dubai state-owned company decided to avert a long legal battle and agreed to put these assets up for sale.
UAE FTA with USA: Impact will be on services sector
A new study by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry analyses the impact of the UAE’s FTA with the US.
UAE: Address abuse of migrant workers
The governments of the United States, the European Union, and Australia are currently negotiating free trade agreements with the UAE. Human Rights Watch called on these governments to require improvement of UAE’s labor practices and legal standards before signing such agreements.
UAE, US hope for free trade deal by mid-year
Free trade talks between the United Arab Emirates and the United States should resume at the end of April after a sudden delay this month, with a final deal seen by mid-year, UAE and US officials said on Monday.
UAE and New Zealand will begin FTA talks tomorrow
The UAE and New Zealand are expected to begin talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) tomorrow, a top Govennment official said.
US sees trade deal with UAE
The United States is eager to resume trade talks with the United Arab Emirates after the furore over a ports deal with Dubai and hopes to clinch an agreement within the next few months.
’Postponement of FTA talks between UAE-US just a routine matter’
US Ambassador Michele J. Sison yesterday termed the postponement of talks for Free Trade Agrement (FTA) between US-UAE a routine matter.