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Western Sahara

British government declares Western Sahara trade “legal” despite UN proposal rejection
The British government’s declaration of trade activities in Western Sahara as “legal” has stirred controversy, particularly in light of a proposal to establish a United Nations council for monitoring natural resources in the disputed territory.
EU Court adviser confirms separate and distinct status of Western Sahara
The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union has this morning, 21 March 2024, published two Opinions in the appeal case on extending the EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement and Trade Liberalisation Agreement into Western Sahara.
EU Court adviser: fruit from Western Sahara should not be labelled as from Morocco
“Products originating in the territory of Western Sahara should be labelled as such, to the exclusion of any other provenance”, the Advocate General to Europe’s top Court stated on Thursday 21 March 2024.
Report: EU-Morocco fisheries depends on illegal occupation
A new document published by the EU Commission reveals to what extent the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement has been depending on the stocks offshore occupied Western Sahara.
Unveiling the future of Western Sahara: CJEU’s upcoming verdict on EU-Morocco trade disputes
The impending decision in the Western Sahara case by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) might have far-reaching consequences on international law, state sovereignty, and indigenous rights.
Algeria thaws trade relations with Spain
After a dispute that lasted more than 19 months, Algiers is reconciling with Madrid, starting with the appointment of a new ambassador. The resumption of trade relations between the two countries has not been long in coming.
Madrid’s new stance on Western Sahara boosts trade between Morocco and Spain
Trade relations between Morocco and Spain are at an all-time high. Since the government of Pedro Sánchez changed the traditional Spanish position on the Sahara issue, recognising the Moroccan autonomy plan.
Morocco and Western Sahara: A new conflict brewing?
With Israel recognizing Western Sahara as part of the Moroccan kingdom and a contentious fishing agreement between Morocco and the EU expiring, tensions are intensifying between the Polisario Front, Morocco and Algeria.
Polisario blocks agreements between the EU and Morocco
The Polisario Front announces that the fishing agreement between the European Union (EU) and Morocco, which has recently expired, must respect the sovereignty of the Saharawi territories before its reactivation.
EU-Morocco fisheries deal stuck pending court decision on self-determination claim
A long-standing multi-million euro fisheries deal between the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco expired on Monday (17 July) due to a dispute over its legality and the inclusion of Western Sahara’s representatives in the negotiations, pending a decision from the EU’s highest court.
Expiration of the EU/Morocco fishing agreement: Brussels and Rabat face legal reality
The EU-Morocco fisheries agreement, illegally extended to occupied Western Sahara, is due to expire on Monday with no negotiations in sight for a possible renewal, pending a final decision by the European Court of Justice (CJEU) at the end of the year.
Morocco-EU fisheries agreement ‘remains in force’, to be deployed to ‘deepen bilateral partnership’ (joint statement)
Morocco and the European Union (EU) have agreed to continue their cooperation as provided for in the Partnership Agreement in the field of sustainable fisheries, which “remains in force”, in order to deepen their bilateral partnership.
New report shows how EU seafood extractivism will continue its complicity in the colonial occupation of Western Sahara
An unlawful fisheries agreement is coming to an end, but a new report shows how the EU seafood industry will continue to be complicit in Morocco’s colonial occupation of Western Sahara. It’s doing this via importing octopus.
Three trade agreements between Israel and Morocco signal stronger ties following Abraham Accords
Israel and Morocco signed three trade agreements to strengthen cooperation between the two nations on Monday.
Africa can only turn last page of history of colonialism with independence of Western Sahara
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf said Monday in Algiers that Africa could only turn the last page of the history of colonialism by allowing the Sahrawi people to exercise their inalienable and imprescriptible right to self-determination.
UK appeals court rejects pro-Polisario lawsuit against agreement with Morocco
The London Court of Appeals rejected on Thursday the appeal request of pro-Polisario NGO WSC against the Morocco-UK Association Agreement.
The EU is committed to developing the Association Agreement with Algeria
European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced on Sunday that Brussels is sticking to the association agreement with Algeria.
Morocco and the United Kingdom strengthen their partnership in more sectors
The two countries strengthen their relationship in the aeronautics, automotive and energy sectors.
France touts trade partnership with Morocco amid tensions
The French government has touted trade cooperation with Morocco amid diplomatic tension affecting the Rabat-Paris bilateral ties.
Spain-Algeria trade deadlock raises business anxiety
Six months after Algeria cut ties with Spain following the dispute over Western Sahara, trade between the two countries remains paralyzed, much to the dismay of the worst-hit companies.