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United States and Libya sign Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement
The Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement is an important step in recognizing Libya’s renunciation of weapons of mass destruction, says the US State Department. It is a component of Washington’s efforts to promote peace and stability in the Maghreb and broaden US-Libya bilateral relations.
EU and Iraq in third round talks for trade and cooperation agreement
The European Union and Iraq are holding the third round of negotiations for a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) in Brussels from 27-29 November.
EU aide worried by calls to drop India WMD clause
A senior European Union official expressed concern on Thursday about calls by some EU states to drop a clause on weapons of mass destruction from a trade and investment agreement planned with nuclear-armed India.
EU and Syria initial long-awaited association pact
The European Union and Syria have initialled an association agreement that commits both sides to work towards free trade — as well as against weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.
Coalition forces advance
The Bush foreign policy team is looking a bit down in the mouth lately. The much-heralded “coalition of the willing” proved, like the alleged weapons of mass destruction, to be a myth of the Iraq war. But another coalition pieced together by the Bush administration—“the coalition of the liberalizers”—is advancing.
EU insists on WMD clause in Syria accord -Fischer
The European Union wants to sign a trade and aid pact that may ease Syria’s diplomatic isolation, but only if Damascus agrees to renounce weapons of mass destruction, Germany’s foreign minister said on Saturday.
EU, Syria compromise on strength of WMD clause
The European Union has "somewhat diluted" a clause calling on Syria to revoke its alleged weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program which has been blocking the signing of a joint political and economic pact, a European diplomat said Tuesday.