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The EU’s critical minerals crusade
The EU is aggressively pursuing critical minerals globally to benefit from the energy transition, securing access via trade agreements and partnerships. Failure to address resource overconsumption risks reinforcing inequalities and intensifying extractivism.
UAE aims to conclude more CEPAS with African countries to boost trade ties
The UAE aims to conclude more Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPAS) with African countries as the Arab world’s second largest economy continues to boost its trade ties globally.
Free Trade Agreements are Failed Trade Agreements. An alternative is now urgent and necessary
La Via Campesina’s Statement and Open call for Endorsement
Farmers’ Protest: Why are farmers demanding India’s withdrawal from WTO?
Farmers started protesting with a new set of demands including India’s withdrawal from the World Trade Organization and scrapping all Free Trade Agreements.
Interim analysis of JSI E-commerce Chairs’ text 15 January 2024, INF/ECOM/85
The 15 January 2024 chair’s text (INF/ECOM/85) for the Joint Statement Initiative (JSI) on electronic commerce is to be discussed in a round from 30 January to 2 February 2024.
Ethiopia working aggressively to finalize its accession to WTO, implement AfCFTA
Ethiopia is aggressively working to finalize its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the coming three years, Minister of Trade and Regional Integration, Gebremeskel Chala remarked.
Overview of the implications for developing countries/LDCs of the JSI E-commerce text (Revision 5)
Developing countries and least developed countries (LDCs) face growing pressure to participate in and adopt the outcomes of plurilateral negotiations on electronic commerce.
US drops digital trade demands at WTO to allow room for stronger tech regulation
US Trade Representative Katherine Tai has dropped longstanding US digital trade demands in World Trade Organization talks in order to give Congress room to regulate big tech firms.
WTO 2023 plurilateral ecommerce draft consolidated revised text
Some WTO Members are negotiating rules on ecommerce. This is the revised version of the draft consolidated text as of 4 August 2023
WTO e-commerce moratorium: FTAs as the logical next step?
FTAs are providing a way forward for WTO Members who are adamant about the continued application of the e-commerce moratorium.
IFC: AfCFTA is becoming a lot of talk — we need to fix regulations
Makthar Diop, the managing director of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), says the Africa Free Trade Continental Agreement (AfCFTA) is becoming a lot of talk, and may not become a reality if laws and regulations are not fixed.
Indonesia’s hardship in dealing with the EU is increasing
The hardship on the Indonesian government and exporters of dealing with a number of disputes and trade barriers imposed by the European Union is growing.
“DOWN DOWN WTO!” – Peasants agitate against the 12th Ministerial Conference of WTO
During the demonstration, peasants denounced the policies that the WTO has promoted in various countries, that has impoverished and displaced rural families through countless free trade agreements.
More free trade will not solve the food crisis
WTO has lost the trust of the people, and all governments must keep agricultural matters out of free trade agreements.