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Zimbabwe delays summit on African free trade deal
Zimbabwe has postponed a summit of Africa’s largest trading block COMESA, which had been scheduled to launch a regional customs union in December, the trade minister said Thursday.
Africans Should Confront ’’Blind Governments’’ on EPAs
African governments came under fire for ‘‘blindly’’ negotiating the controversial economic partnership agreements (EPAs) and not making an effort to educate ‘‘ordinary people’’ on what they were negotiating.
Banished Zimbabwe farmer to sue country
South African taxpayers may have to pay millions of rands in compensation for the government’s failure to act in Zimbabwe when hundreds of white-owned farms belonging to South Africans were confiscated in 2000.
Zimbabwe admits breach of law against Dutch farmers
The Zimbabwe government has admitted that it wronged white commercial farmers when it violently evicted them from their farms at the height of Zanu PF-instigated land invasions in 2000.
Zimbabwe farmers a step closer to compensation
A group of Dutch farmers is one step closer to gaining compensation for land and farms lost to the government of Zimbabwe, after a recent hearing in Paris.
Zimbabwe: White farmers appeal to Sadc
The last remaining white commercial farmers have appealed to the regional Southern African Development Community (Sadc) Tribunal in an effort to stop government from expropriating their properties.
Multilateral still better than bilateral talks
"When we try to negotiate as individual countries, we give the Europeans the ammunition to divide and discriminate against us", said Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Bright Matonga.
SA faces R80m claim for Zimbabwe farm loss
A Free State farmer who had farms in Zimbabwe repossessed is taking SA’s government to court to try to force it to ratify a treaty designed to protect South African investments abroad.
Govt seeks to amend Botswana trade agreement
Zimbabwe which is fast losing its market niche in the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) is seeking amendments to the Bilateral Preferential Trade Agreement (BPTA of 1988) with Botswana in a bid to access markets in the neighbouring nation.
Interview: Sino-Zimbabwean economic partnership presents rosy picture
The Sino-Zimbabwean trade and economic cooperation presents a rosy picture as the Zimbabwean government’s Look East policy has created opportunities for the Chinese investors, a Chinese diplomat said here on Monday.
Mugabe delays signing investor law
The future of South African investment in mining and precious metals still hangs in the balance as Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has delayed signing laws that will protect the business interests of investors.
SA bid to shield assets in Zim
The South African government is trying to protect its citizens’ rights in the face of Zimbabwean nationalisation moves.
Zimbabwe: Government move on Bippas rekindles hope
Government has finished Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) negotiations with France, Italy and Indonesia, a move analysts say gives a glimmer of hope to other countries whose nationals lost their agro-ventures during the land reform programme.
Zim defiant on Bippas
Zimbabwe is not going to change its stance on Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (Bippas) that were violated under the country’s controversial land reform programme, a position that could further strain diplomatic relations with affected nations.
Zimbabwe farmers claim for land grab
A group of 11 dispossessed Zimbabwean farmers of Dutch origin are poised to take their case for compensation in respect of confiscated land to an international tribunal.
Zimbabwean private sector urged to exploit bilateral trade agreements
The private sector in Zimbabwe has been urged to exploit the various bilateral trade agreements that the country has signed with its trading partners.
SA must act on Zim property rights
The government should stop procrastinating over the implementation of an international agreement which would protect South African property rights in Zimbabwe - now that Harare planned to nationalise mines, says the official opposition.
Resist external forces, trade bodies urged
Regional trade integration bodies must stand together and prevent outside forces like the European Union (EU) from promoting divisions to suit their varied agendas, especially when dealing with African member states, a Government minister has urged.
SA to push for agreement to protect assets in Zimbabwe
South Africa is set to push once more for the signing of an investment protection agreement with Zimbabwe as President Robert Mugabe starts implementing threats to abolish private ownership of land.
Land grab to go to arbitration
About 1 500 commercial farmers who have had their land forcibly and sometimes violently seized by Robert Mugabe’s government have taken their case to international arbitration.