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Canada and South Korea are currently negotiating an FTA. The talks began in July 2005 but are yet to be concluded.
Both countries are aiming for a comprehensive agreement, with the Canadian government’s sights set on increasing food and forestry exports to Korea. But the implications for Canada are huge. Canada currently imports more cars than it exports and a deal with Seoul — headquarters of KIA, Hyundai and Daewoo (GM) — could gut Canada’s industry and with it 15,000 jobs. Korean farmers, labour groups and consumers, for their part, expect negative impacts on Korean food and agriculture. This includes strong potential problems around beef (numerous outbreaks of mad cow disease have already occurred in Canada) and barley.

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Canadian FM calls for lifting of ban on beef imports before FTA talks
Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay on Wednesday called on South Korea to remove its ban on Canadian beef imports, saying it could be a stumbling block in talks for a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).
10th round of Korea-Canada FTA talks finished
Trade delegates from Korea and Canada wrapped up their tenth round of free trade talks in Seoul last Thursday.
Free-trade talks with South Korea on fast track: Emerson
Trade Minister David Emerson says he’s speeding ahead with free-trade talks with South Korea despite objections from the auto sector, and expects to sign a deal this year.
S.K.-Canada FTA talks set to cover similar ground as those with U.S.
During Korea-Canada free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, set to resume in their 10th round on April 23, Canada is reportedly going to bring to the table proposals on sensitive issues, such as its access to the South Korean beef market. The same issue brought controversy to the FTA between South Korea and the U.S., a deal agreed upon on April 2.
S. Korea, Canada to hold FTA talks next week
The South Korean government said Thursday it will hold its 10th round of free trade agreement (FTA) talks with Canada next week in Seoul.
Canada-South Korea free trade talks a non-starter with auto sector
Wary North American automakers and their unions are warning the Canadian government not to be tempted by a recently concluded South Korea-US free trade pact into a similar deal.
US free trade deal with South Korea gives push to Canada’s talks, official says
"For the Koreans, the US was a priority so now that that is out of the way, we’re hopeful we’ll reach an agreement in the near future," a Canadian government official said Tuesday.
Korea, Canada make progress on farm issues in FTA talks
Korea and Canada have made progress on agricultural issues in their latest free trade talks, brightening the prospect for a formal agreement, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest said Tuesday in Seoul.
Canada seeks wider agricultural access in FTA talks
Canada has pushed for wider access to Korea’s agriculture market during the eighth round of talks for a bilateral free trade agreement last week.
Korea seeks to exempt 240 agro products from Canada FTA
Korea is seeking to exclude 240 agricultural products out of a total of 1,452 from the tariff cut proposals exchanged with Canada during the seventh round of free trade agreement talks, the government said yesterday.