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The US is trying to secure a bilateral free trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates as part of its drive to patch together an overall US-Middle East FTA by 2013.

Talks started in 2005, after the signature of a US-UAE Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in 2004, and were supposed to wrap up in 2006. However, the Dubai Ports World scandal that erupted in the US in 2006 put all this on ice and the process has not recovered since.

last update: May 2012

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UAE to invest in US but port row may spook others
Opposition in the United States to a UAE firm taking over US ports will not deter the Arab state from more investments there, but could make other countries divert funds to Asia and Europe, the UAE’s economy minister said on Wednesday.
US groups fear ports uproar may hurt UAE trade deal
US business leaders voiced worry on Wednesday that a congressional uproar over an Arab company’s takeover of operations at key US ports could slow proposed free trade pacts in the Middle East, particularly with the United Arab Emirates, where the company is based.
US free traders retreat on UAE ports deal
In a replay of congressional efforts last year that foiled a bid by a Chinese company to buy a US oil firm, a group of hawkish US lawmakers, citing national security concerns, are trying to block a deal that gives a major Arab company control over a British firm that runs some US ports.
UAE debate on benefits of FTA rekindled
After almost two years, negotiations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States over a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) are nearing an end, with the two sides expected to close a deal within a few months. But the debate over the effect of the agreement on the UAE’s economy has recently been reignited.
UAE starts fourth round of FTA talks with US
The UAE was following the lead set in the GCC by Bahrain yesterday when it started its fourth round of free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations with the US in London.
UAE and US in third round FTA negotiations
The UAE and US will resume their FTA negotiations on the 12 through the 16 of November in London.
American Business Council welcomes FTA with US
Welcoming the signing of the Free Trade Agreement between the US and the UAE, Anis Nassar, president of the American Business Council in Dubai said the move would help increase the economical potential of the Emirates.
NBD outlines major US objectives of FTAs
National Bank of Dubai in a report outlined the US main objectives from regional trade agreements, the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).
FTA talks with US without domestic private sector termed not good - UAE
Chairman of the Emirates Bank Group Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer has expressed disappointment about not involving the private sector in Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with the US, fearing it may turn out to be an ’agreement of mass destruction’ for the domestic economy.
UAE, US make progress on free trade agreement
Negotiations between the UAE and the US on a free trade agreement (FTA) are making progress. Two more rounds of discussions should produce the final draft of an accord, according to a senior US official.