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Bilateral trade between Algeria, EU registers huge imbalance

Xinhua | May 31, 2007

Bilateral trade between Algeria, EU registers huge imbalance

Algeria’s exports to Europe remained low due to rapid increase of imports across the other side of the Mediterranean coast, after the signing of Algeria- European Union (EU) association agreement in September 2005, Said Djellab, an official of Algerian Trade Ministry was quoted as saying by local press Wednesday.

The first four months of 2007 were once again marked by a significant increase of imports from Europe of 18 percent compared with the same period the previous year, he said.

The coming into force of Algeria-European Union association agreement notably enabled the EU to consolidate itself on the Algerian market, which is currently standing at a total of 55 percent, Djellab said.

He attributed this trade imbalance between Algeria and Europe notably to "EU’s protectionist policy, standards imposed on export products and agricultural subsidies practiced openly by various EU member countries."

According to Algerian press, the country will have to wait for several years before reaping positives economic results from Algeria-EU association agreement.

 source: People’s Daily