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- Silvia Rodriguez, "ABC of Budapest Treaty", Seedling, January 2008
- GRAIN, "Bilateral agreements imposing TRIPS-plus intellectual property rights on biodiversity in developing countries" (October 2007)
- GRAIN, "Japan digs its claws into biodiversity through FTAs", August 2007
- GRAIN and African Centre for Biosafety, "Bilateral biosafety bullies", October 2006
- Aziz Choudry, "Bilateral free trade and investment agreements and the US corporate biotech agenda", Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific and People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty, February 2006
- Aziz Choudry, "Corporate conquest, global geopolitics: intellectual property rights and bilateral investment treaties", Seedling, January 2005

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- Sin pelos en la lengua, imágenes de la jornada de acción contra UPOV en Costa Rica, el 26 de enero de 2008.
- Fighting FTAs gallery on UPOV struggle Costa Rica

- Interview with Silvia Rodriguez, for Fighting FTAs (December 2007)

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- Biodiversidad en America Latina
- section on intellectual property rights
- Yo firmo!