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Chile eyes Viet Nam free trade deal

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Chile eyes Viet Nam free trade deal


BUENOS AIRES - Viet Nam will receive priority under Chile’s plans to develop its free trade agreement (FTA), according to the Chilean Foreign Ministry’s External Economic Department (DIRECON).

Viet Nam provides a potential market for Chile with an economic growth rate as high as China, Chile’s La Tercera website reported, citing assessments made on Viet Nam by DIRECON and private businesses in Chile.

In 2005, Viet Nam ’s export turnover to Chile reached US$69 million. Viet Nam’s accession to the World Trade Organisation would create favourable conditions for Chilean businesses to expand their operations in the country.

According to the Foreign Ministry’s sources, Asia is an important part of Chile ’s two-year-old strategy on global trade development.

Chile has already signed FTAs with four of the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries, including Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand.

 source: VNS