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DR and Panama make advances on a commerce treaty

Dominican Today | July 18 2006

DR and Panama make advances on a commerce treaty

PANAMA.— Dominican ambassador in Panama, Virgilio Alvarez Bonilla, affirmed that governments from both nations are making advances in the negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement, which in his esteem, will be ready to be implemented by the beginning of next year.

The diplomat explained the negotiations for the bilateral agreement will allow the Dominican Republic’s participation in this important market and will both extend the possibilities of businesses to the private sector of both countries as well as industrial trading.

"We have made significant advances in the preparations of a Commerce Treaty between our country and Panama, which has been delayed just a little bit because here they are very concentrated in the Panama Canal expansion, said Alvarez Bonilla

The Dominican ambassador spoke during last week end when he participated in a breakfast offered by industrialists from Santiago de los Caballeros (DR) and Panamanians representing Copa Air Lines which initiated regular flights from Panama to the Cibao International airport last weekend.

 source: Dominican Today