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EU Free Trade Agreements Manual

EU Free Trade Agreements Manual

Eight briefings on the European Union’s approach to Free Trade Agreements

Published jointly by ActionAid, Christian Aid, and Oxfam

These briefings aim to explain EU policies, procedures and practices to those interested in supporting developing countries.They are not intended to endorse any particular policy or position, rather to inform decisions and provide the means to better defend them.

Briefing 1:
Introduction: Tackling EU Free Trade Agreements (PDF)

Briefing 2:
Inside European Union Trade Policy (PDF)

Briefing 3:
Market Access for Goods (PDF)

Briefing 4:
Services (PDF)

Briefing 5:
Investment (PDF)

Briefing 6:
Competition (PDF)

Briefing 7:
Government procurement (PDF)

Briefing 8:
Intellectual property (PDF)

Date of publication: March 2008

 source: Oxfam GB