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EU-FTA’s entry into force marks a new era for Peru’s exports

Andina, Peru

EU-FTA’s entry into force marks a new era for Peru’s exports

10 February 2013

Lima, Feb. 10 (ANDINA). Peru will experience a change of era with the entry into force of the Multi-Part Trade Agreement with the European Union (EU) due to it is the world’s largest import market for Peruvian products, EU Ambassador to Peru, Hans Allden.

“We are talking about a change of era for Peru as this treaty is the wider trade agreement the country has ever signed in its history as EU is the world’s leading economy”, he said in statements to Andina news agency.

“This treaty means a huge quantitative and qualitative leap for Peru with respect to the strengthening of politic and economic ties”, Allden added.

Moreover, Allden said it means for Peru a valuable instrument to further continue with the social inclusion policy which allows, in particular, to the country’s small and medium-sized companies to advance in challenging markets of the European bloc.

Thus, the Ambassador stressed that for the European Union is of the main importance to enhance the trade agreement with Peru for being one of Latin America’s most important countries due to it offers a noteworthy economic stability and high legal security for investments.

The European Union, in 2010, exported goods worth 2,300 million euros to Peru and the imports totaled 5,100 million euros, which reveals its importance as a market for shipments from Peru.