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EU OKs signing association agreement with Ukraine

ZIK 28.12.2012

EU OKs signing association agreement with Ukraine

The European Union passed a strategic decision to sign the agreement on association with Kyiv, Ukraine ambassador to EU Kostyantyn Yeliseyev says, ZN.UA reports Dec. 28.

“The strategic decision has been taken and the time frame approved – not later than EU’s third Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius on Nov. 28-29, 2013,” he said.

The decision is the result of Ukraine diplomats’ efforts and the geopolitical processes involving Ukraine, the diplomat explained.

“Ukraine is a key country for spreading democracy standards in the FSU area,” he stressed.

“There’s a common understanding that without the agreement Ukraine will waver between the East and West. When signed, the agreement will put an end to all speculations about Ukraine’s foreign policy course. The signing will make a point of no return for Ukraine,” the diplomat said.

There’s a discrepancy of opinion among the EU countries when to sign the agreement, with some member states saying Ukraine must demonstrate progress in solving its problems first, he said.

Thus, EU insists that Ukraine stop selective justice practices and carry out certain reforms.

EU says even a partial entry of Ukraine in the Customs Union with Russia will put an end to the association agreement.

Yanukovych, however, is set on finding a compromise with both Russia and the EU, experts note.

 source: ZIK