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Evo Morales rejects US-boosted FTAs

Evo Morales Rejects US-Boosted FTAs

La Paz, Oct 23 2006 (Prensa Latina) — Bolivian President Evo Morales rejected on Monday the free trade agreements the United States is trying to impose on the regional nations, considering them overwhelming for small economies, and counterpoised the Trade Agreement with the Peoples.

In a meeting with foreign correspondents, Morales said the Trade Agreement with the Peoples (TCP Spanish acronym), fostered by his government, seeks the exact opposite, and establishes as rules complementariness and cooperation under equal conditions.

About bilateral trade relations with Washington, the president explained that he expects fruitful negotiations to extend tax preferences to Bolivian products that enter the United States.

That regulation, granted as a kind of compensation for the economic impact of the anti-drug struggle by Andean nations, will expire on December 31, affecting a group of exporting companies, especially textile, timber, leather, and jewelry.

The extension request has been repeatedly presented by Morales, who also presented a sub regional collective demand at the recent Summit of the Community of Andean Nations in Quito, Ecuador.

 source: Prensa Latina