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Free trade agreement between Iran and Armenia to be ratified later (Armenia) 25/10/2007


During the Iranian President’s official visit to Armenia the agreement on free trade between the two states was not signed, as had been promised at the Armenian-Iranian intergovernmental committee session held in summer in Yerevan. Today, Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian, referring to this issue, stated that it was included in the agenda of the visit, and the two countries’ Presidents discussed it, “but the document was not ready for signing during this visit.” “But one thing can be certainly stated: the issue is on the agenda and the agreement will be signed,” the Minister said.

Relating to the interrupted visit of the Iranian President, V. Oskanian advised not to complicate the issue. “The relationships between the two countries ar so friendly...Really, this was not an issue for myself, as this kind of things often happen in our case, too”. The Minister added the meetings content-wise were excellent, and we will see their tangible results very soon.”

V. Oskanian expressed his confidence that in visible future the Armenian-Iranian oil pipeline and railway will be constructed. “These are under current discussion stage. Serious economic estimations are required for these projects,” he noted, adding that the implementation of such projects should be justified economically as well. “The implementation of such a project based on only political motives would be wrong. The expers are currently working on it, and we hope that there will be positive results in terms of economics and we will start the implementation,” emphasized the Minister.

 source: Panorama