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Free trade between Turkey and Albania

Turkish Press - 4/29/2008

Free Trade Between Turkey And Albania

ANKARA — The agreement which establishes a free trade zone between Turkey and Albania, will come into force on May 1st.

Turkey’s Foreign Trade Undersecretariat said in a statement on Tuesday that the agreement will provide Turkish exporters with the equal opportunity of competition with EU exporters in Albanian market.

The agreement is expected to boost economic and commercial relations between the two countries. It will also encourage Turkish and Albanian businessmen to increase their joint investments.

Turkey-Albania trade volume increased 41 percent to 318 million USD in 2007 according to the Foreign Trade Undersecretariat figures. Exports by Turkey to Albania rose 38 percent to 294 million USD while imports from Albania climbed 90 percent to 24 million USD in the same year.


 source: Turkish Press