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India Trade Agreements

Government of India / Ministry of Commerce

Trade Agreements / Transit Arrangements

· India-EU Strategic Partnership Joint Action Plan

· India-US Trade Policy Forum Joint Statement

· India-United States Commercial Dialogue

· CECA between India and Singapore

· India’s Current Engagements in RTAs

· Framework Agreement with GCC States

· Framework Agreement with ASEAN

· Framework Agreement with Thailand

· Framework agreement with Chile

· India-Nepal Trade Treaty

· India-BanglaDesh Trade Agreement

· India-Bhutan Trade Agreement

· India-Ceylon Trade Agreement

· India-Maldives Trade Agreement

· India-China Trade Agreement

· India-Japan Trade Agreement

· India-Korea Joint Study Group

· India-Korea Trade Agreement

· India-DPR Korea Trade Agreement

· India-Mongolia Trade Agreement

· India-Sri Lanka FTA

· India-Afghanistan PTA

· India-Chile PTA


 source: Ministry of Commerce