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Kosarac-Pakdemirli: BiH-Turkey Free Trade Agreement to be ratified in March

Sarajevo Times | 26 October 2021

Kosarac-Pakdemirli: BiH-Turkey Free Trade Agreement to be ratified in March

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Stasa Kosarac and Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said on Thursday at a press conference in Sarajevo that the Turkish parliament should ratify the BiH-Turkey Free Trade Agreement by March 16.

Kosarac noted that Turkey is an important foreign trade partner of BiH, because our country places one-third of its agricultural products on that market, and, therefore, this agreement is very important for BiH farmers.

Kosarac stated that last year BiH recorded an increase in exports to Turkey by 3.6 percent, while beef exports amounted to 25 million BAM, and the year before, it was only 970,000 BAM.

Pakdemirli said that visit to BiH is a working one, ahead of the visit of the members of the Presidency of BiH to the Republic of Turkey on March 16.

He emphasized that the agreement that should be ratified by the Turkish parliament is very important both for his country and for BiH, because it will contribute to the improvement of cooperation and help the businesses of both countries.

Pakdemirli said that the Ministry he heads has close cooperation with all countries in the Balkans, especially in terms of trade exchange.

However, when it comes to BiH’s export of agricultural products to Turkey, BiH has an advantage. He added that academic cooperation was also discussed, especially between the faculties of agriculture and forestry.

 source: Sarajevo Times