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Mexican, EU legislators seek to improve trade agreement

Xinhua | February 28, 2007

Mexican, EU legislators seek to improve trade agreement

Legislators from Mexico and the European Union (EU) met on Tuesday to discuss improving the free trade agreement signed in 2000.

At the fourth Mixed Parliamentary Commission in Mexico City, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, president of Mexico’s Senate, opened the meeting by saying both sides were committed to strengthening political dialogue mechanisms and making the agreement "a model of cooperation between asymmetrical powers."

Erika Mann, a German deputy to the European Parliament, said Mexico and the EU have a very special relationship and a high quality trade agreement, adding that it could still be improved.

"When we speak to business people from small and medium-sized companies, they point out specific problems in their quest for European market access," she said, promising that Europe’s parliamentarians would do what they can to rectify the situation.

The EU is Mexico’s second largest trade partner. Their trade volume rose from 21.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2000 to 35.8 billion dollars in 2005.

Europeans export nearly 25 billion dollars of goods to Mexico, which exported almost 10.8 billion dollars of goods to the EU.

 Fuente: People’s Daily