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Peru, Morocco Eye Economic Expansion with Potential Free Trade Agreement Talks

BNN | 28 February 2024
By Nimrah Khatoon

Peru, Morocco Eye Economic Expansion with Potential Free Trade Agreement Talks

In a significant move towards bolstering their economic relations, Peruvian and Moroccan trade leaders have expressed a mutual interest in exploring the possibilities of a bilateral free trade agreement. This development came to light during a meeting between Juan Carlos Mathews, Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Ryad Mezzour, Morocco’s Minister of Industry and Trade. Both parties underscored the importance of this potential agreement in strengthening their trade cooperation and expanding their economic horizons.
Strengthening Economic Ties

During the meeting, both ministers highlighted the complementarity of the Peruvian and Moroccan economies and the benefits that a free trade agreement could bring to both nations. Peru, looking to diversify its trade partners and foster economic growth, sees Morocco as a strategic gateway to the African continent. Morocco, the fifth largest economy in Africa with a population of over 37 million, represents a significant market for Peruvian exports. The discussions between Mathews and Mezzour are a testament to the growing interest of both countries in solidifying their economic relations and exploring new avenues for trade and investment.

Exploring New Avenues for Trade

The meeting between the two ministers is a crucial step towards initiating preparatory discussions for the free trade agreement. This initiative is part of Peru’s broader strategy to expand its trade networks and enhance its economic presence on the global stage. For Morocco, engaging in talks with Peru aligns with its objectives to diversify its trade relations and tap into the Latin American markets. The potential free trade agreement could pave the way for increased trade flows, investment opportunities, and stronger economic collaboration between the two countries.

The Path Forward

The interest shown by Peru and Morocco in advancing towards a free trade agreement signals a promising future for the economic partnership between the two nations. With both countries recognizing the potential benefits of such an agreement, the forthcoming negotiations will play a pivotal role in defining the scope and terms of the deal. As these discussions progress, the international community will be keenly watching how this partnership unfolds, potentially setting a precedent for future trade agreements between Latin America and Africa.

The proactive approach taken by Peru and Morocco in seeking to establish a free trade agreement exemplifies the evolving dynamics of global trade. By exploring new partnerships and expanding their economic ties, both nations are setting the stage for a future of enhanced cooperation and mutual growth. As the negotiations continue, the potential free trade agreement between Peru and Morocco stands as a beacon of economic opportunity, promising to bring significant benefits to both countries and their people.

 source: BNN