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Peru-US free trade agreement to enter into force in 2009

Living in Peru | 11 December 2007

Peru - US Free Trade Agreement to Enter into Force in 2009

(LIP-ir) — The US-Peru free trade agreement is to enter into force January 1, 2009, said Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade, Mercedes Aráoz, stating that it would take at least eight months to implement the new free trade deal in the country.

In statements made during a "Canal N" broadcast, the Minister explained, "Obviously we want to move faster but there is a lot of work we have to do with the US government to make things compatible."

Aráoz pointed out that the goal of signing a free trade agreement with the US was reached because of an effort made by the State.

She acknowledged the Administration for the work it is doing and also thanked Alejandro Toledo’s administration for the work it had done. She also assured that Peru’s President Alan Garcia acknowledged the work former President Alejandro Toledo had done.

Minster Aráoz affirmed that the effort made to have a free trade pact with the US had been made by a nation that was committed to upholding policies that were in favor of the country’s people.

A meeting is to be held today with Peru’s former Minster of Foreign Trade, Alfredo Ferrero and with everyone that took part in negotiating the free trade deal with the US to acknowledge them for their effort, said Aráoz.

 source: LIP