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The changing landscape of regional trade agreements

WTO Discussion Paper No 8

The Changing Landscape of Regional Trade Agreements

by Jo-Ann Crawford and Roberto V Florentino

World Trade Organisation, Geneva, 2005, 39 pp.

Updated version (2006) now available

This paper looks at main trends and characteristics of regional trade agreements, in force and under negotiation. It also examines their effects on third parties and on the multilateral trading system.

I. Introductory remarks
II. RTAs kaleidescope
III. Motivations and outcome
IV. An increasingly complex world
V. RTAs and the WTO
VI. List of acronyms of RTAs
VII. Regional trade agreements notified to the GATT/WTO and in force by date of entry into force - as of February 2005

Available from WTO in PDF format: 3379KB

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