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Vietnam wants to sign foreign trade deal with Türkiye, says prime minister

Anadolu | 30 November 2023

Vietnam wants to sign foreign trade deal with Türkiye, says prime minister

by Mehmet Sah Yilmaz

Vietnam’s prime minister said on Thursday that they are willing to sign a foreign trade agreement with Türkiye as relations between the two countries are at their peak.

Speaking at the Türkiye-Vietnam Business Forum organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), Vietnamese Planning and Investment Ministry, and Vietnam’s Embassy in Türkiye’s capital Ankara, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh evaluated his country’s current relations with Türkiye.

Pham pointed out the similarities between Vietnamese and Turkish industrialists, as he praised Türkiye, saying: “We saw how your country has rapidly grown sustainably; we have witnessed it. We are aware that Türkiye has come to a competitive place.”

“Türkiye has become one of the 20 biggest economies in the world,” he stressed. “To be clear, this is something to be proud of and admire.”

The premier hailed the “perfect” bilateral relations between the two countries and underlined that Hanoi is ready to work with Ankara.

Pham said he has had plenty of “fruitful” meetings with Turkish leaders, adding: “We especially touched on raising the level of trade and economic relations between our two countries. We expressed our intentions to start cooperation.

“This way, bilateral cooperation would improve, and we will realize comprehensive growth by carrying these relations to areas such as politics, economy, trade, and investment.”

Pham asserted that Vietnam has an independent economy, adding that it has signed trade deals with 17 countries in its region.

“Vietnam also intends to sign a potential foreign trade deal with Türkiye in a way that would serve the interests of both countries,” he said.

He also stressed the hope for Turkish businesspeople and entrepreneurs to contribute and invest in the Vietnamese market.

 source: Anadolu