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  • 19-May-2009 IPS
    Chile: Activists try to block start of Pascua Lama mine
    As Canadian mining giant Barrick Gold gets ready to start construction at the Pascua Lama mine, straddling the Argentine-Chilean border, activists in Chile are scrambling to block the ambitious mining project while calling for an investigation of supposed irregularities committed in the approval process.
  • 18-May-2009 Thanh Nien News
    Chile hopes to sign FTA with Vietnam soon
    Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said Friday she hoped Vietnam and Chile will soon sign a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as the two countries have come into concurrence on many important issues during FTA negotiations.
  • 12-May-2009 Economic Times
    Chile to sign trade agreement with India
    Chile which favours free trade agreements with as many countries as possible to boost its overall trade volume, does not see any problem if a similar kind of trade agreement is signed with India.
  • 8-May-2009 América Economía
    Entra en vigencia TLC entre Colombia y Chile
    El Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) suscrito por Colombia y Chile en 2006, entró este viernes en vigencia, según informó el ministro colombiano de Comercio, Industria y Turismo, Luis Guillermo Plata