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  • 19-May-2009 Mingas
    A profitable epidemic
    The new swine flu epidemic that threatens to spread to more regions of the world is nothing new. It is part of an overall crisis, and it stems from industrial animal farming, which is dominated by transnational companies.
  • 7-May-2009 FT
    US-EU accord ends beef import rift
    The European Union and the US on Thursday settled a long-running dispute over hormone-treated beef in a deal both sides said demonstrated their determination to reduce bilateral friction amid plunging world trade.
  • 6-May-2009 Modern Ghana
    ’Food colonialism’ increasing hunger in Africa
    The European Union is coercing some West African governments into allowing European-based fishing companies to deplete West Africa’s fishing stocks in a new "food colonialism" that is now taking place between rich and poor countries around the world, according to British author George Monbiot.