News from the movements

  • 29-Sep-2004 Social Movements Network We denounce the Korea-Japan FTA
    The governments of Korea and Japan have come together today, 350km away from Seoul, for their fifth negotiation to consolidate a free trade agreement (FTA) between the two countries. Ever since the negotiations were initiated last December, many NGOs and people’s organizations have shown concern over the planned FTA.
  • 28-Sep-2004 FENOCIN prepara estrategias para TLC
    El 29 de septiembre, el Comité Ejecutivo de la Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas, Indígenas y Negras, FENOCIN, se reúne en Quito para definir las estrategias que aplicará el próximo 26 de octubre, cuando se realice la quinta ronda de negociaciones del Tratado de Libre Comercio, TLC, en Guayaquil.
  • 9-Sep-2004 Civil Society statement on EPA between Pacific ACP states and EU
    Statement of civil society organizations from workshop on negotiations for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the Pacific ACP states and the European Union, 7 September 2004, Suva.
  • 1-Sep-2004 Global Peace And Justice Auckland Protest against NZ/China FTA: GPJA Press Release
    Global Peace and Justice Auckland are holding a protest outside a business promotion for a New Zealand/China Free Trade Agreement.
  • 25-Aug-2004 A People’s Guide to PACER released A People’s Guide to PACER released
    The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) has released a user-friendly report on the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) and the potential implications of a free trade agreement between Pacific island countries and Australia and New Zealand.
  • 11-Aug-2004 Hoy la lucha contra el ALCA pasa por la derrota del CAFTA y el TLC andino Hoy la lucha contra el ALCA pasa por la derrota del CAFTA y el TLC andino
    Declaración de la Campaña Continental contra el ALCA reunida en el primer Foro Social de las Américas, Quito
  • 8-Aug-2004 Thousands In Panama Protest Free Trade Talks Thousands in Panama protest free trade talks
    Thousands of students, activists and farmers marched through downtown Panama City Thursday to protest U.S.-Panama free trade talks taking place in another part of the city.
  • 6-Aug-2004 Letter urging IP be excluded from US-SACU trade negotiations Letter urging IP be excluded from US-SACU trade negotiations
    Re: Excluding Intellectual Property from negotiations over a U.S.- Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Free Trade Agreement
  • 5-Aug-2004 Thailand: Opposition to Bilateral Trade Agreement Grows Strong Thailand: Opposition to bilateral trade agreement grows strong
    Trade and consumers’ right activists who were at the forefront campaigning on FTA, called on the government to reveal all the terms and conditions of Tafta, voicing their grave concern that the local farm sector appear to be the losers while the winners are a handful of Thai big businessmen.
  • 1-Aug-2004 I Foro Social rechazó los acuerdos de libre comercio I Foro Social rechazó los acuerdos de libre comercio
    Concluyó el encuentro hemisférico, pero sin compromisos concretos de los participantes. Desde las organizaciones sociales que analizaron ayer el orden económico predominante en los países americanos salió un no rotundo a cualquier acuerdo de libre comercio bilateral (entre países) como regional (Unión Europea y Comunidad Andina) y una negativa al pago de la deuda externa. Pero faltaron las propuestas alternativas.
  • 30-Jul-2004 URGENT: Stay GE-Free: Reject the US-Australia FTA
    If Howard and Bush’s so-called ’free trade’ deal is confirmed by the Australian parliament and senate (WHICH CAN ONLY HAPPEN IF THE ALP VOTES WITH THE GOVERNMENT), genetically engineered crops and foods will be forced down our throats and onto our farms, and our hopes for GE-free Australia will end!!
  • 29-Jun-2004 Letter to Bush from FTA Watch (Thailand)
    We, the undersigned, farmers, people living with HIV/AIDS, academics, environmentalists, consumers, labor unionists, pro-democracy and anti-corruption activists and members of many non-governmental organizations that represent those who will be affected by the policies that are likely to come into force as a result of the proposed Free Trade Agreement between your government and the Royal Thai Government.
  • 23-Jun-2004 Via Campesina totally rejects bilateral FTAs
    We, members of Via Campesina, a world-wide organization of rural women, peasants, small farmers, rural workers, indigenous people and afro-descendants, from Asia, Europe, America and Africa, met in Itaici, Brazil, from 14-19 June 2004, for our 4th International Conference. We were welcomed warmly, fraternally and in a combative spirit by our hosts, the member organizations of Via Campesina in Brazil.
  • 23-Jun-2004 Berne Declaration media statement on bilateral trade agreements
    It is not widely known that Switzerland will sign two more bilateral free trade agreements (with Lebanon and Tunisia) on the occasion of the meeting of ministers of EFTA states (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) taking place in Montreux (Switzerland) on June 24.
  • 28-May-2004 Stop the Central American Free Trade Agreement! Stop the Central American Free Trade Agreement!
    Our Congressional representatives and Senators will be in their home districts from May 24 to 31. As U.S. citizens we need to hold our elected officials responsible and call on them to vote against the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA).
  • 13-Mar-2004 Un sit-in de protestation devant le parlement marocain pour ’la défense du pluralisme culturel’
    Emarrakech - La coalition marocaine pour le droit aux soins et à l’accès aux médicaments et la coalition des artistes marocains ont lancé un Appel pour un sit-in de protestation devant le parlement marocain pour ’la défense du pluralisme culturel’.
  • 13-Mar-2004 Friends of Morocco Police break up Morocco protest against trade deal.
    Moroccan police armed with truncheons on Wednesday broke up a sit-in by protesters opposed to a free trade deal with the United States which they say could hurt the North African country’s most vulnerable people.
  • 12-Mar-2004 Stick approach: Police break up free trade demo in Morocco
    Witnesses say police used batons to break up 200 people protesting in Rabat against US-Morocco free trade deal.
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