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Guatemala: People reject "Monsanto Law" for threatening food security | 29-August-2014

Guatemalan civil society has strongly rejected the country’s new plant breeders’ rights law imposed through the free trade agreement with the US (CAFTA).

European lawmakers threaten to scupper Canada trade deal | 28-August-2014

EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multibillion-dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union – a blueprint for a much bigger EU-US deal – because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty.

México rechaza imposición arancelaria al azúcar | 28-August-2014

El gobierno mexicano rechazó la imposición de aranceles al azúcar que exporta a Estados Unidos propuesto preliminarmente por el Departamento de Comercio de ese país y dijo que espera revertir esta medida que considera viola el TLC bilateral, antes de 2015.

Ecuador: Tratados bilaterales de inversión privilegian al inversionista | 28-August-2014

El presidente de CAITISA, Carlos Gaviria, explicó que son tratados bilaterales de inversión en Ecuador "tienen desde el punto de vista jurídico todas las características de un tratado. Pero son tratados perfectamente asimétricos porque son instrumentos de protección del inversionista frente al Estado, crean privilegios a favor del inversionista y en contra del Estado".

Resquicios de los Acuerdos de Paz en Guatemala: aprobación de la ’Ley Monsanto’. | 28-August-2014

De manera silenciosa y sin ser propuesta a debate público se aprobó el pasado mes de junio en la República de Guatemala la Ley de Protección de Obtenciones Vegetales, también conocida como la ‘Ley Monsanto’ o ‘Ley de Semillas’.

Colombia: El Ministerio de Comercio, Santiago Rojas, sale de la cartera diciendo mentiras | 28-August-2014

En una entrevista para el periódico Portafolio[1], el saliente Ministro de Industria y Comercio y próximo director de la DIAN, Santiago Rojas, hizo un balance de los 4 años del gobierno Santos en lo concerniente a su cartera. Como ha sido costumbre en su administración, las aseveraciones carecen de sustento estadístico o sus análisis son parciales, los cuales apuntan más a confundir.

Colombia: EE.UU. es el país que más contribuye a caída en exportaciones | 28-August-2014

El principal socio comercial de Colombia es Estados Unidos y pese a ello durante los últimos meses, es el país que contribuye a la mayor caída en las exportaciones, que no es otra cosa que la salida legal de bienes hacia otro país o una zona franca colombiana.

TTIP will sacrifice food safety for faster trade, warn NGOs | 28-August-2014

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will irreversibly put EU consumers and animals at risk, the European Commission will be warned today (28 August).

The “anti-ISDS bill” before the Australian Senate | 28-August-2014

Indonesia is not the only Asia-Pacific nation that is reassessing investment treaties containing provisions on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS, especially arbitration).

Indonesia 1, Newmont 0 | 28-August-2014

US firm Newmont Mining has withdrawn its arbitration claim against Indonesia

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  • Bear Creek announces its intent to commence an arbitration against Peru - Santa Ana dispute | 12-August-2014
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    Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive | 26-August-2014
    John: If the US government gets their way Europe is going to stay busy building more hospitals and graduating more doctors.
    US trade officials say it’s their way or the highway on TPP | 21-August-2014
    Bernard k. Gordon: The title of this report does not comport with the facts as contained in the report. The US acted in good faith, in a way specifically designed to promote sound environmental goals related to forestry. Those goals were supported by the U.S. Congress ...
    War of the FTAs | 21-August-2014
    Bernard k. Gordon: A biased and ill-informed report. Among many other problems, it misstates the original goals of the WTO, and it totally ignores the facts surrounding the creation of the TPP. It is in essence a scare-tactic report that does not warrant serious atten ...
    Africa’s "grand" FTA negotiation progressing well: SADC officials | 20-August-2014
    Professor Gilbert NMO Morris: Free Trade Zones, secured by Free Trade Agreements are as notoriously popular as they are infamously over-rated. The problem is not the intention of the designers. It is rather a lack of intention or design sufficiently imagined, implemented and man ...
    Don’t let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver as he launches latest food offensive | 19-August-2014
    John: In 1969 I worked in the USA for 6 months. During that time I gained a lot of weight which I lost after return to the UK. My GP claimed that it may have been due to the growth hormones fed to USA cattle getting into the human food chain which was dis ...
    EU-Canada trade deal leak ‘ridicules’ TTIP consultation, campaigners say | 15-August-2014
    anonymous: The notion that investors are greedy and governments and national courts work solely in people's interest is wrong. There are EU member states where corruption is rife and whose governments, legislatures and courts aren't trusted by their ...
    TTIP won’t let big banks wriggle out of regulations, EU negotiators insist | 12-August-2014
    Chris: Where does TiSA fit in? It would be easy to make such assurances about TTIP if the "more secret" TiSA services deal was in fact where the worst was hidden. Wikileaks published documents in June which show TiSA mandating a very high level o ...
    SADC signs EPA with EU | 11-August-2014
    Marc Maes: The above article makes the common mistake to confuse 'siging" and "initialling": initialling is done by the chief negotiators, signing by the governments and ratification by the heads of state usually after the approval of the p ...
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