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  • 22-Sep-2004
    TLC Andino: Poca acogida tuvo biodiversidad en mesa de propiedad intelectual

    Lo que para los negociadores andinos busca convertirse en un verdadero ‘precedente’ en materia de negociaciones comerciales, para sus colegas americanos no pasa de ser un tema anecdótico, que no debe incluirse.

  • 7-Sep-2004
    Tratados bilaterales de inversión: ¿Agentes de normas mundiales nuevas para la protección de los derechos de propiedad intelectual?

    Los países en desarrollo han participado en un gran número de tratados bilaterales de inversión (TBI), así como en acuerdos de libre comercio (ALC) que incluyen obligaciones explícitas de proteger los derechos de la propiedad intelectual por ser considerados como “inversiones”.

  • 27-Aug-2004
    Farm tariffs, IPRs seen as main obstacles to US-Andean FTA

    Tariffs on agricultural products and definitions of intellectual property rights, particularly for pharmaceuticals, are shaping up as the most contentious issues in the free trade negotiations between the United States and three Andean nations, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

  • 26-Aug-2004 ’Estamos negociando con piratas’
    ’Estamos negociando con piratas’

    "Estamos negociando con un pirata". Esa es la afirmación que lanzó Aurelio Suárez Montoya al preguntársele por el acuerdo comercial que adelanta Colombia con Estados Unidos.

  • 11-Aug-2004 Andean Nations Bet on Bio-Trade
    Andean Nations Bet on Bio-Trade

    "One of the key aspects of the free trade agreement that the United States is negotiating with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru refers to access to the biological wealth of the three South American nations."

  • 5-Aug-2004 Bilateral investment agreements: Agents of new global standards for the protection of intellectual property rights?
    Bilateral investment agreements: Agents of new global standards for the protection of IPRs?

    Developing countries have entered into a large number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) as well as free trade agreements (FTAs) that include explicit obligations for the protection of intellectual property rights as "investments".

  • 3-Aug-2004 El TLC estará sobre las leyes nacionales
    Ecuador: El TLC estará sobre las leyes nacionales

    El mapa jurídico del Ecuador también está expuesto en la negociación de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos.

  • 2-Aug-2004 BIMSTEC Summit Declaration
    BIMSTEC Summit Declaration

    Following is the text of the declaration issued at the conclusion of the first BIMSTEC summit here Saturday

  • 7-Jul-2004
    Peru: Legislation to protect biodiversity restricts patents

    The Peruvian Congress has passed legislation to protect the country’s biodiversity by restricting patents on biological resources.

  • 21-Jun-2004
    US-Colombia: FTA without biopiracy?

    Biopiracy could be a sticking point in the free trade negotiations that the United States is pursuing with three of the countries with greatest biodiversity in the world: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

  • 28-Mar-2004
    FTA Would Hurt Thais, Expert Warns

    A free trade agreement with the United States would lead to a broader application of intellectual property rights that could hurt Thais — from farmers to internet users — an expert has warned.

  • 20-Mar-2004
    TRIPS-plus through EFTA’s backdoor

    The Free Trade Agreements concluded between the four member states of the European Free Trade Association ¬(EFTA) - Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - and a number of developing countries contain provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs) which go far beyond the obligations already imposed on these countries in the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

  • 20-Mar-2004
    TRIPS-plus must stop

    Last month, GRAIN issued an open letter to Pascal Lamy, the chief of trade policy at the European Commission. In it, we disputed Mr Lamy’s public relations efforts aimed at trying to convince the world that the EU champions the rights of Third World farmers to save seeds.

  • 5-Mar-2004
    TRIPS-plus through the backdoor

    Bilateral agreements are a powerful but hidden tool to achieve uniform market conditions for transnational corporations in developing countries. Silently hammered out between individual governments, they offer a direct means to cut deals over market access privileges, foreign investment, research funding or anchor-free profits.

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