Expect influx of foreign workers, professionals under TPP, experts say

29-Nov-2015 An influx of skilled foreign workers is expected under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but the agreement also makes it easier for Canadians to work abroad. Whether the gains and losses will balance themselves out in Canada is up for debate among experts.

Key issues

ICSID Ready To Hear Austria’s First Investment Treaty Fight

29-Nov-2015 A three-member tribunal is set to hear Austria’s €200 million ($212 million) fight with the controlling shareholder and principal owner of Meinl Bank AG over an alleged “witch hunt” aimed at the institution and its officials, according to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

Texts of agreements

18-Nov-2015  | Japan-Mongolia FTA (2015)
18-Nov-2015  | EU-Singapore FTA (2015) Authentic text as of May 2015
30-Oct-2015  | EU-SADC EPA (2015) Text agreed to July 2014, the tariffs in October 2015, to be signed May 2016.


23-Nov-2015  Uruguay: governing coalition rejects TISA’s negotiations
Sammie Galati: BRAVO URUGUAY!
9-Oct-2015  Tentative U.S.-Vietnam ’consistency plan’ links tariff benefits to labor compliance
ellen: Thank you for clearly describing these difficult negotiations.
3-Oct-2015  Murray Rankin v. Canada
Sheila Turnbull Reid: I feel betrayed in the confidence I had in Murray Rankin. He must answer this accusation to put his supporters at ease. I would like to know the