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TLC EU-Peru: "Verguenza ajena y dolor de patria" | 19-December-2005

A lo largo de estos meses hemos discrepado con la lógica económica y jurídica que encierran estos tratados. A cambio de hacer permanente el acceso al mercado norteamericano de los productos contemplados en el ATPDEA, se busca introducir y consolidar un cuerpo de reformas legales, especialmente en los ámbitos de propiedad intelectual, servicios, compras gubernamentales e inversiones

Perú: ¿Qué ha entregado nuestro gobierno a los Estados Unidos? | 19-December-2005

Publicamos el comunicado difundido ayer por la Convención Nacional del Agro Peruano (CONVEAGRO) en el que denuncian la entrega del mercado agrario a los Estados Unidos, exigen la publicación íntegra de los acuerdos y señalan que están acumulando fuerzas para hacerce respetar como gremios productivos.

Panamá: Productores preparados para rechazar TLC | 19-December-2005

Productores agropecuarios de Panamá anunciaron protestas por las negociaciones de un TLC entre ese país y EUA

El Salvador reformó 12 leyes para iniciar a tiempo el TLC con Estados Unidos | 19-December-2005

Sin un estudio detallado, la Asamblea Legislativa modificó doce cuerpos de ley que permitirán armonizar la legislación salvadoreña con el tratado de libre comercio firmado con Estados Unidos.

BIMSTEC ministerial meet to implement FTA on schedule, fight terror | 19-December-2005

The seven-nation Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation ministerial meet ended here today with a resolve to deepen economic integration by implementing FTA on schedule, relax visa rules and enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism and trans-nation crimes.

Kenya, Sudan solve dispute | 19-December-2005

Kenya and Sudan have sorted out differences over the compliance of Comesa rules of origin.

Pakistan and Tajikistan to sign trade agreement | 19-December-2005

Pakistan and Tajikistan will enter a preferential trade agreement (PTA) soon and Islamabad has already sent proposals to Dushanbe, sources said on Sunday.

Free trade | 19-December-2005

THE idea of a Balkan General Free Trade Agreement, to replace existing bilateral free trade agreements, received support at an Athens meeting of the Association of Balkan Chambers, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) said on December 12.

First trade & investment mission to the USA completes successfully | 19-December-2005

A 14-member delegation from the Bahrain American Chamber of Commerce has returned after a successful trade mission to the US.

BIMSTEC countries to sign FTA early next year | 19-December-2005

BIMSTEC (Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand Economic Co-operation) Trade Ministers will sign a free-trade deal on goods at their Dhaka meet early next year.

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    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
    Ian M: "Should a GE seed germinate, as a result of being wind blown, on a neighbouring farm that has not brought growing GM plants the farmer on whose land the wind blown seed landed on is deemed to have broken the law by growing unauthorised seed&quo ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
    Ian M: Could said farmer not countersue for trepass/pollution of his land?
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 23-October-2014
    Hannie Reijndersa: Monsanto destroy the world, nature, the water , flora, animals, and people are poisoned
    Kenya: Why we got a raw deal in EPA | 23-October-2014
    sam: Please be kind to your citizens who may not know the facts by being factual on all your observations. Let us build our economy and rely on the African continent for our markets , the EU will not be supportive, they have never been and will never be, ...
    Lenny | 21-October-2014
    Lenny: Je confirme totalement ce que vous exposez. Lenny calendrier photo
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 20-October-2014
    Hemi: For the Monsanto Law to have been passed initially smacks of corruption of those charged with protecting the very people the law would punish - shame, shame, shame. This is typical of Monsanto. Should a GE seed germinate, as a result of being wind b ...
    Document reveals EU bullied Ecuador into trade agreement | 16-October-2014
    Alan Adams: Good article. Informative. However, just a comment on wording: "Solidarity economy" does not equal "socialist Economy" Solidarity economy is a new, though largely indigenous concept.
    Corporations get lots, Canadians get little in CETA trade deal | 13-October-2014
    Arthur: So, you want elected governments to have arbitrary unrestricted power - in particular over the "greedy" corporations - to change the laws and policies at whim, as the government wishes - without the options for the "ruled over" c ...

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