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China speeds work on ’negative lists’ to boost foreign investment - official | 19-November-2014

China has accelerated the process of freeing up inbound foreign investment by compiling a list of industries deemed to be off-limits, a high-ranking economic planning official said on Tuesday.

Leaked documents on TTIP | 19-November-2014

Leaked TTIP negotiating documents show that the EU is trying to protect European banks from strong American financial regulations.

Sacu committed to India negotiations | 19-November-2014

The Southern African Customs Union (Sacu) said on Tuesday it was still committed to negotiations with India over a delayed preferential trade agreement (PTA).

L’ALE Chine-Australie, un test important pour les autres pays industrialisés (INTERVIEW) | 18-November-2014

L’accord de libre-échange (ALE) Chine-Australie deviendra un test historique pour les autres pays industrialisés, a déclaré mardi le Conseil de commerce Australie-Chine (ACBC).

Georgia, EFTA to hold talks on free trade | 18-November-2014

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has decided to follow the EU and start talks with Georgia on a free trade agreement.

Accord de partenariat économique : La Roppa invite les chefs d’Etats de la CEDEAO à rejeter cet accord | 18-November-2014

Pour des organisations paysannes maliennes et ouest-africaines, l’Accord de partenariat économique avec l’Union Européenne porte les germes de la disparition pure et simple des économies ouest-africaines dans les cinq années à venir.

Chinese corporations allowed to sue Australian government under free trade agreement | 18-November-2014

The deal struck between China and Australia on Monday will contain an Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism that will allow Chinese corporations to challenge the Australian government for "pretty much anything", say academics

El TTIP: un monstruo que devora los derechos de la ciudadanía | 18-November-2014

El Acuerdo Transatlántico para el Comercio y la Inversión (conocido por el acrónimo en inglés TTIP) estipula que los derechos de las grandes empresas van a estar por encima de los de los propios ciudadanos y ciudadanas, e incluso por encima de los Estados.

Deal set to boost food cooperation | 18-November-2014

An unprecedented agreement was signed by agriculture tycoons from China and Australia on Monday providing that food from Australia sold to China will be of the highest quality and "marked under one brand and under one logo".

La importancia del movimiento feminista en la campaña contra el TTIP | 17-November-2014

El TTIP destruirá el poco bienestar que le queda a la ciudadanía e impedirá su derecho a exigir y construir una legislación fuerte que blinde su seguridad política, social, económica, cultural y ambiental.

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  • Comments
    HOW MUCH Would You SELL Your RIGHT to SUE "The GLOBAL CORPORATE ECONOMY" For? | 21-November-2014
    ‘TTIP would destroy small businesses’ | 20-November-2014
    No2ISDS: Dearden got the arguments across well. This is an abomination and MUST not happen.
    Are Comesa, EAC, SADC realistic in plotting Africa’s free trade area? | 14-November-2014
    Samuel : The re-look on who the beneficiaries will be is lopsided and not entirely true. In fact the beneficiaries form an economic point of view will be the small economies who will have a wider scope of market for their products which are not yet over-conc ...
    Turkey could suspend membership in EU Customs Union over TTIP deal: Minister | 14-November-2014
    André: Many thanks for this article. It is nice that you illustrate the article with fruit and vegetables, but paradoxically fruit and vegetables from the EU are one of the items not covered by the customs union with Turkey. They are often subject to very ...
    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and UK healthcare | 12-November-2014
    Nplima: Hi, Can you please explain a bit better your reasoning behind this statement: "The market liberalisation introduced by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act ensures it will be effectively impossible to take the NHS back into public hands if the E ...
    Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 9-November-2014
    Nell: Why are you saving seeds patented by Monsanto? Why are you using them?
    Paloma López: "Si no hay nada que ocultar, hagan públicos todos los documentos del TTIP" | 9-November-2014
    juan-hilario: Desde una mirada estrictamente lógica, a mi entender, el motivo por el cual no se hacen públicos los acuerdos con las multinacionales es porque desde la actual política europea se quiere tener una situación de liderazgo compartid ...
    El Tratado de Libre Comercio, la crisis capitalista y la debilidad del derecho a decidir | 7-November-2014
    juan-hilario: Me ha gustado leer esta reflexión porque está desarrollada con sencillez y proporcionando antecedentes y una suficiente secuencia sobre el tratado de libre comercio. Hay un ejercicio de síntesis para poder darse cuenta de que tenemos ...