Eurasian Economic Union to sign free trade deal with Vietnam soon — Russian official

31-Mar-2015TASS The free trade deal between the EEU and Vietnam will help expand Russia’s access to the Vietnamese market and the market of the ASEAN member states, the government says.

Key issues

Why do we say NO to FTAs, TTIP and CETA

31-Mar-2015 La Via CampesinaIn this video, Via Campesina leaders from Europe, US and Canada explain how new free trade agreements affect food sovereignty.

Texts of agreements

26-Mar-2015  | TPP - draft investment chapter (2015) Text of 20 Jan 2015 as released by WikiLeaks
24-Mar-2015  | India draft model BIT (2015) Open for comment until 10 April 2015.
10-Mar-2015  | TiSA: EU negotiating mandate (2013) As published by the European Council on 10 March 2015


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