Upcoming days of action

- 8 Oct: mobilisation in Luxembourg against CETA - contact
- 8-15 oct: October of resistance against TTIP and CETA in Spain - contact
- 15 Oct: mobilisation in Paris against CETA - contact
- 10-15 Oct: regional week of action against RCEP in Asia-Pacific - contact
- 22 Oct: mobilisation in Amsterdam against CETA - contact
- 27-28 Oct: mobilisation in Brussels against CETA - contact
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Morocco ratifies 3 bilateral investment treaties

29-Sep-2016I-ARB Africa This surge in the ratification of “Intra-African” BITs is part of the Moroccan “South-South Partnership” strategy

BITs (texts of), Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, investment | BITs, investor-state disputes | ISDS, Morocco, Senegal

Key issues

Case between Ecuadoreans, Chevron heading to Ontario court

29-Sep-2016 The Globe and MailThe latest salvo in a marathon multibillion-dollar legal battle between global energy giant Chevron Corp. and a group of Ecuadorean residents over environmental damage has begun in a Toronto court.

Canada, Ecuador, energy, investor-state disputes | ISDS, US


20-Sep-2016  La ratification absurde de l’APE intérimaire de Côte d’Ivoire
Jacques Berthelot: L’idée largement répandue notamment par l’UE que passer à des accords de libre-échange en abandonnant les accords préférentiels non réciproques de Lomé
19-Sep-2016  La ratification absurde de l’APE intérimaire de Côte d’Ivoire
OULEPO ARNAUD: Mr Jacques Berthelot, je pense qu’il serait important de donner les raisons de la décision de passer de ces accords sans réciprocité le cas ACP-UE
2-Sep-2016  PACER Plus not final – PNG says no, Fiji lukewarm, Vanuatu undecided
Dr. Hugh Govan: Thanks for good reporting. One issue that seems to be glossed over is the lack of any independent impact assessments that would actually be able