Ecuador, Chevron y los peligros del TPP

30-Aug-2016El Ciudadano Los gobiernos del mundo deberán comprender las enormes desventajas de soberanía económica y política que le conllevará suscribir el llamado Tratado Transpacífico de Asociación Económica Estratégica (TPP)

Ecuador, environment, investor-state disputes | ISDS, TPP

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The billion dollar ultimatum

31-Aug-2016 BuzzFeedInternational corporations that want to intimidate countries have access to a private legal system designed just for them. And to unlock its power, sometimes all it takes is a threat.

Indonesia, investor-state disputes | ISDS, mining, reformed ISDS


20-Aug-2016  Nigeria to lose $1.3trn by 2026 to EPA arrangement – Report
admin: Yes, we have also attached it to the article now.
18-Aug-2016  Three more reasons why we need to stop CETA
DIDIER Pierre: foreign corporations to sue governments for pretty much anything they don’t like: false: the text is very clear that grounds for appeal are very
18-Aug-2016  Nigeria to lose $1.3trn by 2026 to EPA arrangement – Report
Evert-Jan: Can you share the hyperlink to the report? Is it publicly available?